Gods and Monsantsters: How Romney Greenwashed the Cancer Merchants

(“Romnimodo” photo-illustration by D’Marie Mulattieri.)

I wonder if there is any mention in Mitt Romney’s resume of him working with Monsanto back in the early 70s as their Spinmeister.  A friend of a friend sent me some interesting information, although not shocking,  about Romney helping the ailing Monsanto reinvent themselves as saviors of the hungry. They still claim that they can feed the world, but the secret is – if they can afford to buy the so-called GMO foods. The world’s hunger problem is not the lack of food but the lack of money to buy food.  Has anyone gone to a grocery store lately? Even the crappy food costs a small fortune these days!

I’m getting off topic, which is easy for me because there is so much morally ‘wrong’ stuff going on right now, from politics, to environment, to food, to foreclosures, to you name it… which always seems to come full circle – back to politics. Which, it seems that Monsanto is running neck and neck with the Koch brothers when it comes to ‘buying’ our government.

This story is about Romney though and how he helped Monsanto become the  Goliath it is today. Monsanto used to make PCB, DDT, and Agent Orange. They were all found to cause cancer and not just in rats!  And all these products remained on the market for years, even after it was common knowledge that they killed people; Monsanto knew and the  government knew.  Something finally was done, like banning this stuff only after years of  lawsuits and public outcry, which left Monsanto with a public image problem.  In comes a young Mitt Romney who is only too eager to accommodate the wishes of his boss at…..wait for it….Bain!

Romney helped Monsanto repackage themselves as the  ‘mother’ of all agribusinesses that would save the world ( even if they had to destroy it in order to “get er done”). Romney did such a great job that the then Monsanto CEO, John W. Hanley helped Bain become Bain Capital. That wonderful job creating company (if you live outside the U.S.) that we have all grown to know and love for their humanitarian efforts.

Now that Romney is hoping to be the 45th President of these United States, how much are you willing to bet that Monsanto is salivating right now, knowing that if that happens, it will be that much closer to owning the worlds food supply? Its like a horrible scene out of some ‘Frankenstein’  movie and Romney plays Igor, the Hunchback.  That movie was of course fiction, but the one Romney and his buddies are hoping to make could become a reality.

And to be ‘fair and balanced’, President Obama is no saint either. He has not fulfilled his campaign promise to label genetically modified foods. His wife Michelle seems to be big on kids eating healthy and I think keeping kids away from GMO foods is a good idea. If you agree, here is a petition you can sign and please share, telling the First lady to make her husband keep his campaign promise  http://signon.org/sign/michelle-obama-tell-presiden?source=mo&id=52633-19942043-zOGJxcx/

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