Run for Your Lives! They are Coming To ArtWalk and They are Armed With C.H.A.L.K.!

I have been following a few face book pages lately (along with law enforcement) about the Chalking Event that will happen in Los Angeles tonight. I am sure you know how last months event went and by the sounds of things this will be a repeat performance. I am not clear exactly where this chalking will take place, either Pershing Square or the actual ArtWalk, but according to the LA Times the LAPD is ready to arrest violators.

I really don’t care one way or another about chalking. I haven’t chalked the sidewalk since the third grade after which I found it more fun to throw rocks at boys. But making chalking the sidewalks a crime is really over the top! Certain areas of Los Angeles are covered in graffiti, including trucks and vans. Who is doing something about that? Oh, I know – Gangs are packing guns and they shoot back. Protestors are packing – chalk. It’s easier and safer to make a big deal about keeping those Occupy LA people in line than actually doing real police work! But LAPD thinks its a huge problem and is willing to make themselves look foolish to the entire world! If chalking is the biggest problem LA has to deal with then  I suggest laying off police officers. They  have way too much time on their hands. I used to manage restaurants and when we didn’t have enough customers we cut hours and shifts. Maybe the LAPD should do the samething. Right now they are wasting tax payer money!

I will be watching the live-streams tonight and then checking the news stations to see if they have the same coverage. My guess, live stream will be accurate because they are actually there the entire time and not owned by corporate media that conveniently edits anything that may not portray the LAPD as competent.

And by the way, I snooped around the interent and chalking at ArtWalks is not some new idea! Its been going on for years, all over the country. Some may complain that this art is not pretty, well guess what! Art is supposed to make you think!

I don’t know which city officials and police departments are the most insane? Anaheim, Fullerton or Los Angeles. They all have a long history of being idiots and jerk-offs if you ask me.

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