No Choice for You: We Want You to Vote for Obamney

"ROFLMAO" with Romney and Obama symbols at start and end

Just as how the Establishment took away the ability of Californians to vote for third parties in November with the “Top Two: primary, Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney wants to silence supporters of Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson this year.

Romney supporters are trying to make sure that swing state voters will face with the choice of either submitting to the will of Mitt Romney by voting for him or else not voting at all. There is a reason why President Obama is winning most of the swing states and that is because of the candidacy of Gary Johnson. Perhaps if Mitt Romney did not alienate the Ron Paul supporters with his intimidation and hostilities he would have had an easier chance of winning the votes in the swing states.

We have court challenges in Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that the Johnson campaign and Libertarian Party have to endure right now.  In the swing states that determine the Electoral College hunt, voters want a presidential candidate who is more fiscally responsible and socially inclusive and because voters are not getting this, voters are not making it easy for Romney.

The senior advisor to Gov. Johnson, Ron Nielson, stated that “in states across the nation, Republican operatives, lawyers, and in some cases, elected officials, are filing frivolous challenges to Governor Johnson’s ballot status. They know that even if their challenges fail, fending them off is a drain on our resources and a distraction from the real issues in this campaign. We don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around, nor do we have the Republicans’ endless supply of lawyers.” Libertarians may not have the resources of a major party, but they have the drive and the spirit to get the message out.

Politics is no longer Coke and Pepsi process; we should be able to break away from the binary symbolism of politics. If Democrats and Republicans want our votes they need to adapt to our desires and needs. President Obama needs to reconsider his fear of marijuana even though he smoked it as a student at Occidental College. Republicans need to realize that the Ryan economic plan is not enough, we must cut further because our nation cannot survive another 30 years with Obama and Romney’s economic policies.

Luckily in California, we have a gracious Secretary of State who welcomes all qualified candidates and Obama has  a 16 percent lead and we could afford to vote for a third party candidate such as Green Party candidate Jill Stein or Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. If we want major parties to change, we must vote third party so the major parties can receive our message for the next elections.

Inhibiting political parties such as the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party from electoral politics is wrong. For a society to be democratic, we must have ideas exposed in the marketplace of ideas. Rather than scrutinizing each signature from third party candidates to make sure they dot each “i” and cross each “t”, state governments should make it easier to get third party candidates on the ballot instead. I do recognize that Romney is so non-inspirational to many voters where many simply do not want to vote for him and his allies want to remove choices against him. If Romney’s team has no faith that he cannot win without booting Gary Johnson from the ballot, you know something is wrong.

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