A Wake For Red County.


I was hearing recently from a friend about a cat that died, an old, sick cat that had led a long and glorious life in the neighborhood playing, fighting, and just generally hanging with all the local cats.  When this cat felt the angel of death knocking on its door, it went out on the front lawn and just lay down to let its body and spirit separate.  And within a short time, a dozen neighborhood cats were surrounding it on the lawn – NOT CLOSE, because they didn’t want to get whatever that cat had!  – and NOT WATCHING EITHER, because it was a very private event for the dying cat – but just being there, and thinking to themselves, There but for the grace of Cat God go I.

Just so, we gather on this post to watch the last weak gasps of Red County, the OC’s original Republican blog, originally founded by Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham as “OC Blog” and then turned ambitious and national by Chip Hanlon;  yes, Chip Hanlon of major SEC fraud fame.  Word was that over the past year it was run and/or owned by race-baiting Wall Street servant Congressman Ed Royce, but everyone’s hush-hush about that.  I imagine a lot of you-all can fill us in on the rest of the history, and perhaps a small percentage of what you say will be true.

If you click on Red County now, it will still come up, with some fear-mongering Roycean pablum from late July, but it’s not supposed to.  The Red County is now in Terri Schiavo land, smiling up vacantly at balloons.

And it leaves a void in the local blogosphere, it really does, leaving, as the biggest county blogs in California’s largest Republican county, THIS here radical Mosh Pit and the sometimes-okay Liberal OC.  A couple of disaffected Red County denizens – Chrisses Emami and Nguyen – had already jumped ship and started their “OC Political Blog,” RSS’d at the bottom of this one, which fills us all in on the scintillating intraparty chismes transpiring in a corner of the OCGOP.  Well, okay, we occasionally hear things there first that turn out to be important.  So we keep an eye on ’em.

Two of our Republican friends are also starting new blogs – disaffected Orange Juicer Geoff Willis has just told me he’s launching a blog called  “Thinking Right.” (He would call it that.)  I doubt it will have much local news, going by his previous interests, but it will give him a forum to attack his two bete noirs, which are “political correctness run amok” and the Obama administration.  And we’ll be sure to link to it once it’s up, so we can all go over there and give him hell like we always did when he was here.

Chip Hanlon, Cynthia Ward, Jerbal.

And finally our pal Cynthia Ward, Ahab of the Galloways but our ally in many other important matters, is starting HER new site, which we expect to be the most interesting.  Of all the contributors to Red County, she and Allan Bartlett were the ones of whose writings we least often said, “Now that is one steaming pile of horse manure!”

Now is the time to come forward with all our memories of Red-Faced County.  Being the statesman of the OC Blogosphere, I will keep my schadenfreude down.  Down, schadenfreude, down!  Being a statesman, I won’t bring up the Meg County controversy, friendly Chip’s legal troubles, or ANYTHING about Matt “Blogging doesn’t pay the bills” Cunningham.  But the rest of you are not statesman, so … let ‘er rip!  I’m going to go pour myself a drink.

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