Peabody marvels needlessly over Democratic support for the Fullerton Recall.


I was pleased, but not too surprised, to learn that my Party, the Democratic Party of Orange County, supports the Bushala-initiated recall of lame-ass Fullerton councilmen McKinley, Bankhead and Jones.  I would have been very disappointed and ashamed to learn they didn’t.  It would have shown that my Party is, indeed, dominated by timid, complacent faux-liberals like these geriatric Fullertonians, subservient to all public-employee unions and positively frightened of actual democratic movements.

Over at our fringe-y Fullerton friends’ place, Mr Peabody and most of his readers expressed puzzlement, and put forth various cynical and non-cynical explanations.   Long believing the Democratic Party to be a fully-owned subsidiary of the public employee unions, and knowing those same unions to be the biggest foes of the recall, they experienced some cognitive dissonance.

I’m not a member of the DPOC, don’t have the time or patience or niceness.  But I asked a few people on the Central Committee about that vote – I wondered, how close was it?  What were the pro’s and con’s given?

And I was surprised to learn that the vote was UNANIMOUS and that it was considered a “no-brainer.”   Nobody gave any arguments against, and nobody had to give any arguments for.

Really?  Was this just about the sudden possibility of replacing Republican officeholders with Democrats (especially when the Republicans are gonna be riven in half between establishmentarians and insurgents?)

Well, sure, there’s that, I was told.  But mostly, it’s a question of good governance, I was told.  Fullerton needs good governance and hasn’t had it for years, said my several interlocutors.  Just look at how the town has gone to hell under these three Royce/Ackerman acolytes.  Letting the police department get totally out of control, and covering up its abuses up to and including murder, is just the most garish example of their incompetence and corruption.

But there’s another thing that doesn’t get mentioned much on Tony’s blog, but is a big deal to lots of Fullertonians and Democrats – the majority vote to let Chevron do whatever it wants with Coyote Hills, the last undeveloped open space in town, when lonesome Sharon Quirk-Silva had several compromise plans that would have worked.  Remember, the Democratic Party is about more than just keeping unions happy; we also tend to care a lot about the environment and open space, and sometimes there’s a clash there.  (Although there didn’t seem to be any clash this time around.)

Weren’t Democrats worried about what draconian steps a majority of insurgent conservatives or libertarians might do?  Not really that much, I was told.  Maybe a little, but not enough to oppose the recall.  This was an exciting democratic moment, said the Democrats, and they believe their candidates not only have a good chance in June, but will be night-and-day better for Fullerton than the Three Bald Tires they’re replacing.

As a Democrat, I’d like to think so.  I’m still pissed that the stellar Green Jane Rands is having to run against not only the best-known and respected insurgent conservative (Sebourn) but also some Democrat nobody’s heard of, pretty much whittling down whatever chance a great third-party candidate might have had to get a foothold in electoral politics.  And I’m also gonna track down this Doug Chaffee and find out how “cardboard” he really is.

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