Billionaires 4 Romney – YOU FEEL OUR PAIN!

Mitt Romney is coming to Newport Beach Friday, June 1st for a fundraiser event at the Balboa Bay Club and Resort.

Individual tickets to the reception are $1,000, and anyone willing to shell out a mere $10,000 gets to have their picture taken with the former Massachusetts governor. Have an extra $25,00 to spare? Write a check to Romney’s campaign fund and you get two tickets to a VIP reception, four tickets to the cocktail reception, plus that once in a lifetime a photo with the guest of honor!

A couple names on the guest are: Republican Party of Orange County Chairman Scott Baugh and real estate investor and former U.S. Ambassador to Spain George Argyros.

Now this sounds like an evening that will packed full of excitement but the real party will take place outside the event, called “Billionaires for Romney”.   Several groups from around Orange County, including members representing , Occupy Santa Ana, Occupy Orange County,  Occupy Long Beach, Orange County Peace Coalition, and Code Pink are putting on their finest duds and having a shindig of their own.

"Billionaires for Romney" activists

Expect more of this across from the Balboa Bay Club Friday night!

Christian Larsen, one of the hosts of the outdoor party expressed why he is coming, ” I want to open people’s minds to the problem of unchecked Wall Street power over politics, of which Romney is the perfect example, and let them know we can and will start to stand up to it together.”

If you find yourself with a few extra thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket by all means get your name on the Romney guest list, but if you want to let him know what you think about the “GOP plan for America’s job creators” put on your Burger King hat, dust off those prom clothes and shake your booty with the 99%.

If you want to RSVP go to:!/events/214606585327586/


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