LouCo-cytes Defend against California Single-Payer Health Plan!




Lou Correa face superimposed on white blood cell

When the political body is infected by a foreign object, such as a plan to offer health insurance sufficient to cover the poor and middle class, the immune system sends out special blood cells, called LouCo-cytes, to defend against the invaders. An excess of these cells can lead to a dangerous condition known as "LouC0rrhea."

This comes into my inbox this afternoon from a friend:

They just took SB 810 up for a 2nd time today because there were members “absent” during the first vote. Calderon was the only one who voted who was previously “absent”, he voted NO. Correa was the other NO in the first vote. The others who were in the room but did not vote were: Padilla, Wright, Vargas, Rubio. So SB 810 failed by only 2 votes – 19 to 15. We need 21 to win.

We still have another chance though…SB 810 is on “Reconsideration” and can be brought up again if the votes change. This will likely happen on Tuesday January 31st – our last day to pass it.

Please call the following legislators who DID NOT VOTE today and tell them:

“I’m disappointed that the Senator did not cast a vote for SB 810 on the Senate Floor. Senator Leno plans to bring it up again on Reconsideration and I ask the Senator to support SB 810 then. It’s the only real solution to the healthcare crisis care crisis that saves the state billions, guarantees healthcare for all Californians, and controls costs, while eliminating the denials of care and restrictions of provider choice imposed by private insurance companies.”

Check here to see if you are represented by them: http://senate.ca.gov/senatedistricts

Senator Alex Padilla (Pacoima/LA area)

Email: Senator.Padilla@sen.ca.gov

Phone:  (916) 651-4020

Senator Juan Vargas (San Diego area)

Email: Juan.Vargas@sen.ca.gov

Phone:  (916) 651-4040

Senator Michael Rubio (Fresno/Bakersfield area)

Phone: (916) 651-4016

Senator Rod Wright (Los Angeles area)

Email: Senator.Wright@sen.ca.gov

Phone:  (916) 651-4025

So: Senator Correa doesn’t want the Insurance Commissioner to be able to regulate increases in insurance premiums (that was AB-52) and — almost alone among Senate Democrats — he doesn’t want the possibility of single-payer health insurance (to, among other things, cover people, lessen the likelihood of bankruptcies, and control medical costs) to be voted on by the House.

What does he want?  Hmm … maybe it’s best not to answer that.

County Party Chair Frank Barbaro argues that you have to be a moderate to win as a Democrat in Orange County.  The problem is that what passes for “moderate” among Orange County Democrats sometimes goes all the way into “moderate Republican.”  Correa’s vote is an embarrassment for Orange County and a poke in the eye to the state party.  I’ve heard that Correa has told people that he can’t actually do much to help individual voters as a State Senator, but here is a situation where he could do something — and chose not to do it.

And La Palma voters: note that other “no” vote on SB-810 came from Ron Calderon, who is trying to knock Loretta’s sister Linda out of Congress this year in the new CD-38, which will include your fair city.  Hey, I guess that Ron Calderon, like Darrell Issa, is coming into the Orange Juice Blog’s sphere of influence as well; maybe we should start focusing more on him too!  I wonder if Sister Linda has any comment on this vote?

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