All Hail Scott Walker! Coming to Scott Baugh’s office at 5 today! Let us go pay him homage.

Hark!  Even now one can hear the tread of his boots, approaching from the Northeast, where his star shineth over frigid Wisconsin.  For Scott Walker, hero to all who hate public workers and democracy, cometh to the OC this afternoon – Thursday at 5PM, OC GOP chairman Scott Baugh’s Newport Beach office, 4040 Macarthur Blve Suite 200, to beg for OC Republicans’ last shekels to save his sorry ass.  And Republicans, you owe him for dirty work:

  • He hath loosed his fateful lightning on the collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin workers, decimating both the state’s workforce and educational system;
  • He hath trampled on the voting rights of his states’ citizens, requiring ID’s that are very hard to get, must be acquired from DMV’s, and then closing down DMV’s in areas that tend to vote Democratic;
  • He didst babble like a fanboy when he thought he had billionaire money-coupster David Koch on the other line.

Surely not only Scott Baugh, but fellow labor-bashers Supervisorial candidate Mark Bucher, Costa Mesa nightmare Jim Righeimer, doddering Congressional dinosaur Dana Rorhabacher, and The Moorlach itself, will be at hand to bask in Walker’s patrician glow.  I mean, the second-hand patrician glow emanating THROUGH Walker, and mediated by his third-generation pig-farmer eyes.

But my brothers and sisters, Walker cometh with troubling tidings of grave import.  The rabble of the Badger State are attempting to recall the poor man, and with the ferocious unpopularity of both his policies and his dictatorial style the wind is at their back.  So Scott Walker  needs ALL of your California money. Seriously, dudes.  He needs ALL of it.  Empty your coffers, OC GOP.  If Walker goes down, the whole nationwide anti-worker project is in danger.  Remember, those Wisconsin workers are getting *gasp* OUT-OF-STATE MONEY!!!

Like the diminutive Zacchaeus who climbed a sycamore tree to get a better glimpse of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we in Occupy Orange County and will be there early, at 4:30, to get as close as we can to the great man and let him know exactly how much we appreciate what he and his fellow crop of GOP governors have been doing to the lower 99% of us in this country.  RSVP here:

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