If you were a job…where would you go?




The Republicans are in disarray….the Democrats are beside themselves….the Libertarians want to run away from home….the Tea Party hasn’t got a clue…..the Peace and Freedom Party long for the days of the Vietnamese occupation……the American Independent Party are still missing George Wallace and Bo Gritz.  Meanwhile, “The Occupy Wall Street Folks” seem to have the current momentum.  Rupert Murdoch is hiding behind his gated community.  Donald Trump is supporting the next loser on the Republican ticket.  George Soros keeps attending elitist Financial Meetings like the Bilderbergers.  Warren Buffet still hangs out with his big oil buddies and every Major Media Reporter refuses to chase the Jobs issue.  Oh, they continue to say the word: “Jobs!” and that is about where it all stops.  They talk about how the Republicans are stopping the Democrats and the President from passing his jobs bill.  They talk about how impossible it is to pass anything in Congress.  They talk about frustration, anxiety and reflection.  Hardly good news reporting!

Jobs?  Let’s talk about jobs!  Let’s talk about how many folks are out of work.  Let’s talk about the lies, misrepresentations and doubtful science that can create “Jobs in America”.  As we look at unemployment numbers ranging from 9% to 26% for various areas around our country – we are also looking at Foreclosure numbers that are going to range from 1.5 million to 6.2 million in the next couple of years.  Plainly, if folks do not have jobs they will be unable to pay rent or their mortgage, car insurance, food, prescription drugs and education for their kids.

In the meantime, everything we get is from somewhere else.  All of our manufacturing goods come from China, Malyasia, Korea, Phillipines and assorted Caribbean island nations.  Hey, that still allows us to visit Target, Wal-mart and Costco and buy cost effective t-shirts and electronics.  Sometimes when we look at a product, turn it over and find that it was “Made in the USA”….we soon are accompanied by a “shock factor”.  “How is that possible?” always seems to come to mind.  Immediately we look at the price of the product and think we are being ripped off.  “Aren’t these guys supposed to make this stuff in China?” always comes to mind unsaid.

Well folks, welcome to our Service Based Economy!  In 1998 then President Bill Clinton promised us millions of new jobs if we only open up our borders to Maquiladoras, move our dirty manufacturing facilities to other countries and import millions of illegal immigrants to clog our freeways, buy gas and consume energy, rent old property, eventually buy inferior built housing, do all our construction work, do all our gardening, clean all our houses and compete with us for carpool lanes.  Build Toll Roads they couldn’t afford to drive on, build Gated Communities that they couldn’t get into and finally move every American out of manual labor jobs completely and put them into answering phones for Dot.Com companies.

Soon, they realized that just opening the borders was not going to be enough.  They had to artificially create more wealth.  They had to let poor people consume and buy property.  In 1999, President Clinton, Jeff Skilling, Ken Lay, Bernie Ebbers and a raft of other 1% folks figured that all they had to do was change all the banking rules.  They did.  Glass-Steagal and the protections from Corporate Greed were laughingly ripped from US Law. Liar Loans, Hedge Funds based on nothing and the double dipping Global Financial System went right into “Hog Heaven”.  Bernie Madoff woke up one morning and said:  “Hey, I’ve been cleaner than I thought….tally ho the fox….we are going downtown now!”

So, where are the jobs being created?  It sort of works like this:  A solar panel start-up company in Silicon Valley creates a product.  They get money from the Federal Government to fund the R & D.  As soon as they develop a viable product one of the big Global Companies steps in and acquires either the governing amount of stock or they simply buy them out.  Immediately, they ship all the manufacturing facilities to China, Korea or somewhere in the Balkans.  The 500 jobs created are soon gone out of the country.  The Admin Office and Product Support Facilities are soon sent to England, Switzerland or Germany.  The Customer Service is outsourced immediately and sent to Mumbai, India.  The cycle is complete and the three original owners of the Solar Panel Company now join the 1% that are rich.  No jobs are left in the United States….because it is not “Cost Effective”.

Herman Cain thinks that poor folks are either too dumb or too lazy to be rich.  He is willing to hire a few of these folks to work in his Dominio’s Pizza chain.  Thanks Herman, the folks that get those well paying middle class jobs are truly grateful – we are sure!  Rick Perry seems to think that unless someone is a dedicated Church goer….he doesn’t deserve much in the way of the American Dream.  Mitt Romney is still having a tough time describing why his original Health Insurance Plan in Massachusetts isn’t exactly what they now call “Obamacare” which everyone is supposed to hate!  Michelle Bachmann is cute but just can’t quite see how to create jobs by using historically wrong analogies.  We won’t go on…..because it seems that no one has the key answer:  Where are the jobs, how do we get some and how do we keep them?  Shoval ready?  New Technology and Inventions?  Big Pharma required to create their products in the country they dispense them?  Autos required to create those in the country they sell them?  Tariffs for goods being dumped onto our economy?

The answers are out there, but they are not easy to accomplish.  The Republicans don’t have the answers or are not willing to point to exactly where the new jobs will come from.  The Democrats have found a few new jobs, but not enough to sustain growth.  The Independents, Libertarians and the rest…….as Tea Party Members zone out when you mention the word “Jobs”.  Hey, if you have the answer…don’t keep it a secret…tell us folks.  We can’t wait to find out.

And what is the big aversion to taxing the 1% again?  We don’t get that!  But then, we are part of the 99%!

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