Obama on Afghanistan … Lindsay Graham unreacts!




Tonight President Obama delivered a compelling 15 minute take on the events in Afghanistan and the subsequent planned withdrawal of 33,000 combat troop through 2012. Not exactly the beginning of a mass withdrawal, but the Republican response was typically an agitated non-partisan one. It was such a good message from the President that the negative response was tempered compared to most.

The President’s message was short, to the point and very direct. The Republicans just pulled up the plank and refused to admit that the President actually did a good job or even honorably so.

So what would have satisfied the Republican short side…..to stand up and take notice? Not much, right now the strategy seems to be to demean the President whether the Republicans agree with him or not. The phony withdraw….is not attractive. They didn’t even do that to Bill Clinton. But this is an election year and the Republicans refuse to offer up bones to the other side…..even if they do believe in what the President is saying.

We agree with both the Presidents remarks and the military strategy. Drawing down our forces in Afghanistan while keeping a strategic presence is surely our best course of action when you consider the upsurge in Taliban Attacks and the continued challenge of putting our troops in harms way – without any any long lasting tactical solutions. “Take and Hold”…doesn’t seem to be working and more than “Hearts and Minds” worked in Vietnam. The Predator Drones will be working over time.

Good luck Mr. President…..your remarks were clear to us out here in the hinterland, even if convincing the Republican oppostion with be a definite challenge. When asked by Wolf Blitzer…what he thought of the President’s speech….Republican Senator Lindsay Graham’s response was: “Well, not much!” Two weeks ago Graham called for exactly the same course of action. Go figure!

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