You Said What You Said

By Mr. Peabody

Politicians are forever saying asinine things and then denying they said them. Small time politicians like our own mutton head Don Bankhead has been getting away with this sort of thing for years. Televised council meetings have helped expose the intra-noggin confusion that exists in minds like Bankhead’s, but youtube has really been invaluable.

A while back we ran a post that highlighted Bruce Whitaker rightfully taking Bankhead to task for sharing his opinion that Fullerton would be ghost town without Redevelopment. No, no said Bankhead, testy-like. He really said “downtown Fullerton.” Forget that neither would be a ghost town without Redevelopment – that’s just big gummint Bankhead passing along all the lies he’s swallowed over the years and of course his own campaign literature year after dreary year – taking credit for “revitalizing” DTF over and over again.

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