Do CA Republicans support property rights?




March 22, 2011

Dear Republican Legislator,

Until this past week, Republicans in the California State Legislature have been longstanding champions of private property rights. The Alliance fails to understand how you failed to seize an opportunity to cut $1.7 billion in funding for redevelopment agencies (RDA), the largest perpetrators of eminent domain abuse in California.

What happened to the Party that criticized RDAs for exercising their power of eminent domain to forcibly seize homes, small businesses and places of worship from unwilling sellers?

Given that only one Republican member of the State Assembly voted to abolish RDAs, we feel compelled to remind you that the California Republican Party (CRP) platform calls for private property rights, and when the CRP endorsed Propositions 90 and 89, it was the California Redevelopment Agency Association that financed opposition to ballots measure that sought to end eminent domain abuse.

The Party who condemns President Barack Obama’s taxpayer bailouts and corporate welfare for Wall Street and General Motors now champion agencies that use taxpayer dollars to subsidize development projects and sports arenas. And all this follows a recently released State Controller’s audit of redevelopment agencies that revealed excessive abuse and misuse of taxpayer dollars!

As a lifelong Conservative, opposed to eminent domain and bogus redevelopment activity, I hope that you reconsider your support for redevelopment agencies the next time the budget comes before you. If not, Democrats will become champions of private property rights and Republicans will lose a faithful bloc of voters.


Larry Gilbert


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