Are litterbugs Tea Partiers or Progressives?

Tea Partier or Union Supporter?

With so many posts  about the pissing match between Scott Walker and the public employee unions in Madison, Wisconsin,  it would have been easy and trendy to jump into the fray and add fuel to the white hot online flame/bitch sessions in progress.  Since I am not one for trends or following the crowd,  I opted to watch the likes of Geoff Willis and Newbie go at it with some of the public employee union sympathizers on the board.   It was much more fun sitting this one out and watching the figurative train wrecks in action.  Who needs O’Reilly when you got the Orange Juice Blog?  (Kill your TV….really!)

I personally can’t stand the state of Wisconsin and their citizens even though my wife has relatives near the Milwaukee area.  The state is full of binge drinking drunken boors with annoying nasal accents that deserve one another.  Want proof?  Go to a minor league/semipro football game at Horlick Field in Racine and see Wisconsin’s finest in all of their Cro-Magnon glory.   The only good things about the state are the water parks at Wisconsin Dells, a Las Vegas like resort town without the gambling, strip clubs and hookers,  and the Minnesota and Illinois borders.  There, that’s my two cents on that hellhole known as Wisconsin.

The real intriguing thing about protests like the one in Madison and the various Tea Parties are not the accusations of violence and the use of racial taunts/epithets that each side loves to fling at one another.  These accusations get to be awfully tiresome .  Nothing gets resolved in these pissing matches except who can scream louder, throw a better temper tantrum  or who can be creative with doctoring a video.  The accusations leveled at participants about leaving a mess behind after a protest or rally are a lot more entertaining.  Why you ask? Because there are people that want you to believe that there is a direct link between litterbug tendencies and political ideology.  ‘

Is it far fetched to make that assumption?  Some conservative and liberal sites like Breitbart, Blue Oregon and Fox News don’t seem to think so.  They take no prisoners when they compare the cleanliness of the labor union protesters at the Madison protests to the Tea Partiers at a Glenn Beck 9-12 Rally.   They are usually chock full of compare and contrast photographic evidence with snide and often vicious commentary to boot.

Here are some photos I lifted from various web sites (Breitbart, Free Republic, Blue Oregon). Enjoy these photos and ask yourself this question.  Is Oscar the Grouch a liberal that supports labor and public employee unions or a passionate Tea Partier/9/12er?  If he affiliates with the latter,  will his employment with PBS be on shaky ground ?

Without further ado, here are the photos for your consideration and judgment.

Here is some of Madison’s finest trash (notice no palm trees)

Give a hoot, don't pollute!

And another pile of trash

The only thing missing here is a roasted pig on a spit

Or as they call it in Green Bay...tailgating

This photo is a favorite that conservatives like to use a lot.  This was from the Obama inauguration in 2009.  Trash you can believe in or what Wisconsin natives call Racine.

Paradise Found by Oscar the Grouch

Here’s a picture from a liberal site called Blue Oregon accusing Tea Party groups of littering and leaving a mess.

Littering, Tea Party style

More litter by the Tea Party after a 9-12 rally.  Where’s Waste Management when you need them?

Last but not least,  the photo that Glenn Beck likes to use to show that his supporters follow the advice of Woodsy Owl and give a hoot about littering.

Does this pass the Woodsy Owl test?



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