PART II – “Green Technology Abilities of the Dear Leader of Oceana – by Baghdad Art” (Parody)




Dear Citizens of OceAna in this issue I will explore the Dear Leader’s expertise and philosophy on Green Technology, as this has been highly reported on.

NOTE:  On the next episode, I will explore the Dear Leader’s unparalleled multifaceted leadership abilities in Housing; Economics; Tax Credits; and “Taxes” – I mean Assessments.


In the interest of openness and transparency, I make the following disclosure – This is an unbiased Public Service Announcement that our Dear Leader was generous to pay for out of his pocket with the generous and voluntary financial support of disinterested groups with Special Interests in our community.


As you know our Dear Leader has been mystically ordained with great expertise and ability, and because of this he has appointed himself to Oversee and look after us, and to use his expertise for our benefit.

Again, since there seems to be a misconception that our Dear Leader has improperly benefitted financially throughout his rule, by way of example, let’s explore his philosophy on overseeing us through AQMD (I think this stands for Air Quality Management District – oh well, if I am wrong I am sure the Dear Leader of OceAna can correct this for me).

To start off, I also asked for the Dear Leader to explain:

  • Dear Leader’s Philosophy- the meaning of AQMD
  • how he got started –  The Midas Touch & 24-kt Gold Muggers”
  • and how he applies His Dear Leader’s Golden Rule


Dear Leader’s PHILOSOPHY and the Meaning of AQMD

“Well Baghdad Art, I think it is always good to define terms to understand my philosophy.

AQMD stands forA ver Que Me Dan; A ver Que Me Doy’;

And this is the genesis and raison d’etre for my philosophy and my actions.

Don’t be confused, as you know I excel in languages.  And pardon my French.  So let me explain AQMD – this loosely translates to (Let’s see what they Give me, Let’s See What I Take)


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