Ex-Councilwoman Cheryl Brothers Strikes Back at Cunningham




Cheryl Brothers (R) has had an interesting run as a public official. She’s been elected twice as a Councilwoman for the City of Fountain Valley, she’s sat on most of the boards the County of Orange has to offer (except for the Cemetery one, she humorously points out), and she has somehow invoked the unflinching wrath of Matthew Cunningham, Red County Editor and principal of Pacific Strategies, his P.R. firm.

Cheryl has “no idea” why Cunningham would refer to her as being unknown or disliked by the ISDOC* members, “I’ve already been endorsed by five Special Districts, unanimously I might add, and I have the support of several others”** she said. “I also might add that I’ve haven’t seen Charlie Wilson at any of the meetings.” By ‘the meetings’ Cheryl is referring to the special district meets she’s attended to secure support from.

Although, she contends, Cunningham might be trying to cast her as an outsider “Because I hear he’s on retainer for the Irvine Water District” (which is  thought to have it’s hands in much of county business), and  “his wife is a Bill Campbell appointee, and Campbell is supporting my opponent, Charlie Wilson”.

Previous to my conversation with Ex-Councilwoman Brothers, I had already looked into this and found that she’s been on this ISDOC board since 2008.  Did this clearly outspoken Public Official decide not to meet anyone or speak during her two-year tenure? It struck me as odd, to say the least, that Cunningham would state exactly that.

In any case, Brothers has been involved in the public sphere since 1987.  A simple Google search turns up the years of work she’s done, you can read the interviews I found here, and here, and you can check out her profile that’s used by ISDOC, you know, the Commission she was on for two years but according to Matthew Cunningham, doesn’t know or like her, here.

So what can you do to help her and upset Matthew? Nothing really – only ISDOC members can vote in this election. Clearly, Matthew think members read his blogs, or at the very least he hopes they do, and wanted to take a swipe at the Ex-Councilwoman while he was at it, by stating quite clearly on his piece’s title that she “May Seek Public Life After Defeat In LAFCO Bid”***. So, now, Cunningham contends that Brothers will lose the election that has yet to take place, and that she plans on re-capturing her lost City Council seat.

He’s become quite the Seer! I asked Brothers if she’s planning on running again. “I haven’t really thought about that yet,” she stated tersely. Someone should tell her Cunningham has his crystal ball on her tight, because he clearly knows things she doesn’t, years ahead of time!

I have no horse in this race, other than the fair and accurate portrayal of someone who I feel is being unfairly maligned. I wonder if Cunningham can make a reciprocal statement?

*What is ISDOC? Independent Special District of Orange County. Comprised of Park, Library, Water districts, etc.

**Voting members of the ISDOC consist of county agencies, who vote on issues as a unit.

***What is LAFCO? The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) is a state mandated agency that oversees the boundary changes (i.e. annexation, detachment) to cities and special districts. The Orange LAFCO Board consists of seven voting members: 2 from the Board of Supervisors, 2 representing cities, 2 representing special districts and 1 representing the public.

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