The California Republican Party appears to be finished

The California Republican Party appears to be finished, as general election results indicate that, despite a huge national backlash against President Barack Obama and House Democrats, the GOP utterly failed in California.

The Democrats won every single statewide race.  They beat Meg Whitman.  They beat Carly Fiorina.  And they beat the heck out of all the other lame Republicans, including Abel Maldonado, Mike Villines, Mimi Walters and Damon Dunn.  Adios Republicanos!

Red County editor Matt Cunningham is crowing today on Facebook about the victory of Marco Rubio in Florida’s Senate race.  That victory should be no surprise.  Rubio is Cuban and the Cuban vote still matters in Florida.  There are few Cubans to save the GOP here in California.

It seems as if the California Republicans have no clue as to the demographics in our state.  How could Whitman retain Pete “187” Wilson as her Campaign chair and expect that to work out?  How could she fire her immigrant maid, and publicly oppose the Dream Act, and expect that to help her get Latino votes?

Of course Cunningham and the Red County bloggers did pretty well in this election.  Their candidates lost but they made a fortune off of Whitman.

But now Cunningham and company are bleakly having to deal with the fact that California is a very blue state indeed.

I heard Cunningham’s amigo, Jon Fleischman, bragging on NPR yesterday that redistricting will save the California Republican Party.  No it won’t.  The people of California have utterly rejected the CA GOP and will continue to do so.

Maybe Cunningham and Fleischman and company need to rethink their strategy of bashing immigrants and gays?  It isn’t working for you red-faced boys!

I think there are still a lot of people in our state who support moderate to conservative fiscal policies, but they are not going to support hater Republicans, period.  And, as we saw in the passage of Prop. 25 and Prop. 23, California voters support green policies and are mad at how the state legislators always fail to deliver a budget on time.  But they also voted for Prop. 26, making it harder for our legislators to raise our fees.  Talk about a balanced electorate!

I don’t see a way out for the California Republican Party.  They just don’t get it.  Here in Orange County they allowed a very decent Latino Republican, Thomas “Hoagy” Holguin, to lose in his Anaheim Council race, and now they have NO ONE in place to even try to win the area Assembly and State Senate seats.  The red cupboard is bare.  Oh they will try again with Van Tran and his Trannies, but Latino voters ought to wake up in 2012, as it is a presidential election year, and nullify them altogether.

And Democrats did very well in local races.  You can read a good recap of their success at this link.  In an election that saw the Democrats get their butts kicked nationally, they prevailed in some very Republican areas, including the CAPO school district and Dana Point of all places.

None of this is to say that the Democrats have a lot to brag about either, but overall they are doing better than the Republicans.  They should however look at how they are handling Latino voters as well.  We saw a very low turnout in Santa Ana on Tuesday.  That should worry the DPOC.

Overall, decline to state voters now make up 20% of the statewide electorate.  The Republicans are down to 31%.  Before long I expect to see more DTS voters in California than Republicans.

I think it is too late to save the CA GOP, which is ironic because they just might boot Obama in 2012, if they can avoid nominating a nutter like Sarah Palin.  It will be their last hurrah.  By 2016, Latino voters will ensure the death of the national GOP as well.

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