Speaking Truth To Power: New Orange Juice Rules!




“Speaking truth to power,” “holding the powerful accountable” – that used to be the very touchstone of the Orange Juice Blog back when I first fell in love with it.  It was starting to seem recently that we’d been growing away from that ideal.  Now that I’m suddenly, unexpectedly in charge, I’d like to see us get back to that.

Not that we should always be jaundiced toward those in power.   But politicians who’ve been securely in place for many years, decades even, deserve a little extra scrutiny, a little extra skepticism, wouldn’t you say?  (And also a fulsome measure of praise when they really accomplish something good.)

And conversely, I don’t think we should put an inordinate amount of effort into kicking underdogs, even if they may seem unworthy.

We shall continue to strive for a great balance of diverse voices and opinions, and the freewheeling argumentation you’ve come to expect here.  And If I have anything to say about it, the Orange Juice Blog will retain its rowdy sense of humor, unpredictability, and irreverent civic-mindedness.  And while striving for a variety of opinion, we will continue to skew pro-immigrant, pro-gay, and anti-racism.  (Don’t worry, our crazy commenters certainly balance that off!)

Speaking of our commenters…

The New Orange Juice Proclaims:
A Day of Jubilee for Banned Commenters!

(Except for anyone who’s currently suing us, and the infamous Dan Avery.)

I will try to have two or three thought-provoking stories up for you all each morning – national, state and local.  So don’t stop reading and commenting – you never know what you might miss!  We’ll have more frequent contributions from Gabriel, Francisco, La Femme Wonkita, and Duane Roberts … and from the right, we’ll keep looking forward to the latest work of Bushala’s gang, Larry Gilbert, “Over But Not Out,” and the odd, quaint Winship couple.  I’ll be bringing in a few more bloggers, from across the political spectrum.  ALL ORANGE COUNTY.

We will continue to be the Blog of Choice for those discerning individuals who can’t abide the predictable partisan hackery of the County’s Red and Blue blogs.

I intend to keep Art’s SAUSD corruption thread going – possibly his greatest contribution to Santa Ana’s discourse.

We wish Art and Sean the best of luck in their future endeavors, and if they ever have second (or is it third or fourth?) thoughts about leaving the world of blogging, we’ll keep the welcome mat out for them.  Hey, at least visit and comment guys!  We’ll never ban you.

Onward and upward with Orange County’s #1 political blog!

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