I was serious when I told Rep. McClintock to take back $2 bil CA HSR stimulus

On Friday Oct 15th, During the Western Political Action Conference, WCPAC, we interviewed Congressman Tom McClintock for the Cutting Edge-a talk show.

 After the interview I headed to a hospitality suite with the Congressman and told him I have a $2 billion check for him to take back to DC, representing the remainder of the stimulus funding awarded to CA by the Obama Administration.

Like myself, Tom does not support this proposed 800 mile high speed rail system.

I bring this up now after being surprised to see Monday’s story in the San Jose Mercury News by Mike Rosenberg where the headline reads: “GOP House aims to take $2 billion back from California high-speed rail.”
In his report it reads that
“A coalition of 27 House Republicans, led by the ranking members of the committee that controls spending, wants to yank $2 billion in stimulus funds promised to California to kick-start the massive project.

Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Redlands, last week introduced the American Recovery and Reinvestment Rescission Act, which would return the final $12 billion in unspent and uncommitted stimulus funds to the U.S. Treasury to help fight the $1.3 trillion U.S. deficit.”

To read the full story simply click on the following link:

Gilbert commentary. I will continue to lobby for blocking this massive HSR system that does not pencil out and whose prior $9 billion ballot measure only increases our out of control debt service at a time when we cannot agree to a budget that covers basic needs and services.

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