Why did Jordan Brandman pursue the endorsements of so many Prop. 8 backers?

That didn’t take long.  Anaheim Union High School District Jordan Brandman’s allies are saying that he was misquoted in the article Sean Mill posted earlier this week, where we quoted Brandman saying “there is no place for gay rights in our textbooks and schools,” at a candidates forum.

Mill and I noticed, while conducting research, that Brandman’s website includes the endorsement of a number of notorious Republicans, who supported and worked on Prop. 8 – the hateful measure that ended gay marriage in California.  Many of them were also members of the Friends of John Urell, the organization formed to defend a Catholic Monsignor who covered up for molester priests.

The awful Prop. 8 Republicans endorsing Brandman include:

  • Red County editor Matt Cunningham, who outed the names of victims of Catholic molestation, on the Friends of Urell website he was running
  • Cunningham’s wife Laura, who was literally paid to hate, as the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator for Prop. 8
  • Dr. Alexandria Coronado, who the voters ousted from the O.C. Board of Education this June, in part because of her homophobia and gay-bashing
  • Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, who endorsed Prop. 8.  (click here to see all the Prop. 8 endorsers).  Pringle is also the former boss of Jeff Flint, the Prop. 8 consultant

Brandman is also endorsed by Stanton Councilman Dave Shawver, who lost to John Moorlach in a supervisorial race a few years back.  Shawver is a big-time Mexican-basher!

Brandman can disavow what he said, but we have him recorded in an audio clip.  He cannot refute that.  More importantly, why is a Democrat like Brandman pursuing endorsements from GOP extremists who supported Prop. 8?

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