Phu, gaining in the polls, compares Sacramento budget debacle to Costa Mesa’s dark Mansoor years.

This great statement from Phu comes in the wake of an encouraging poll from Tulchin Research that shows him within the margin of error of winning this long-time Republican-gerrymandered seat (Assembly District 68) over notorious immigrant-basher Allan Mansoor.

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October 8, 2010

Assembly Candidate Nguyen Compares New State Budget to Problems in Costa Mesa; Calls it Unconstitutional

Westminster, CA—Sixty-Eighth Assembly District candidate Phu Nguyen today reacted to the newly approved state budget calling it unbalanced and harmful to California’s future fiscal health.  He immediately drew parallels between the chronic deficit contained within it and a similar problem in the City of Costa Mesa where his opponent has been elected for the past eight years.

“The state budget passed today violates California’s constitutional requirement that our budgets be balanced.  It assumes revenues that will never materialize and again delays getting our state’s financial house in order,” Nguyen said.  “Unfortunately, Sacramento isn’t the only place this happens.  My opponent, as mayor of Costa Mesa, has presided over the decline of a once economically healthy city.”

State budgets for most of the past decade have contained deficits, which have mostly been dealt with on a temporary basis. Costa Mesa has operated under the same premise for several fiscal years now under Mayor Allan Mansoor. Costa Mesa found recently to be the only city in Orange County to spend more than it took in over the past 8 years, according to an independent study.

“Allan Mansoor fired police officers and firefighters, increasing response times in emergencies without fixing Costa Mesa’s budget problems,” Nguyen said.  “That may be business-as-usual in Sacramento, but I don’t think people here in Orange County find that acceptable.

“I’m running to offer an alternative to the career politician treadmill we find ourselves on,” Nguyen continued.  “I offer common sense business experience.”

Costa Mesa has posted deficits for several years, and in the past three have posted budget holes of  $10 million in 2008 – then revised to $15 million, $19 million in 2009 and $16 million going in to next year.  Each year Mansoor has punted on fixing the city’s long-term structural needs and instead cut vital services such as public safety and borrowed heavily from the city’s shrinking reserves.

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