Dr. Lon Uso, Republican Mayor of San Juan Capistrano, heartily endorses Measure H.

Dr. Lon Uso, a proud Mexican immigrant, immigration hardliner, and Republican mayor of San Juan Capistrano, always struck me as a very honest conservative.  And here is proof – like we’ve said, you don’t have to be opposed to the current Board (or some “union tool”) to see that Measure H – the by-area voting reform – will promote more democracy and local control in the Capistrano Unified School District.  As he suggests, most opposition to it comes from the current trustees and their backers simply as a way to keep incumbents in power.

I’m told he’s extremely PISSED that the current trustees promised this reform and then reneged once they were in power.  Still, notice that he doesn’t take a position on the recall or what candidates to vote for, just Measure H.  I imagine he has friends on both sides.

Anyway, here’s Dr. Uso’s message:

Dear friends, As long as it takes a couple of hundred thousand dollars to run for school board, you will have special interest slates controlling the board.

We must allow candidates to run in their area of representation to break this unhealthy cycle.

What is most disturbing is that before being elected most members of the school board were adamantly for what is now measure H but now that they are elected are against it because it is much more difficult to dislodge an incumbent and are using the fear tactic of the union to do so.

I don’t care who you vote for in the upcoming race but I urge you to vote YES on H and help bring independent candidates that may help heal this district.

– Lon

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