County Democrats fired up for Sanchez and Krom as campaigns draw to a close

Orange County Democrats are fired up as the campaign season draws to a close.  Their main goal is making sure that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez hangs on to her seat, against the vile Van Tran, but they are also working hard to get Beth Krom elected, against the lame John Campbell.  And Bill Hedrick, who is running in the 44th Congressional District, is also pushing hard against his awful opponent, Ken Calvert.

In all the years I have been covering Orange County politics I have never seen so much activity from the local Democrats.  In contrast, the Tran and Calvert campaigns are resorting to mail, mail and more mail.  They simply don’t have people on the ground to match what the Democrats are doing.

Just look at who shows up to defend Tran at public events, such as the recent Bill Clinton rally for Sanchez, in Santa Ana.  Tran’s followers are miserable old and unhinged Minutemen.  No bueno!

Assemblyman Jose Solorio is up for reelection but he drew a cupcake Republican opponent, Bob Hammond, who has no chance.  So instead Solorio is working hard to get his friend reelected.  This Saturday, at 10 am, he is asking his supporters to meet at 1658 W. Lincoln, in Anaheim, to walk for Sanchez and a few local candidates. To sign up or for more info email

The Orange County Young Democrats, who actually are young, as compared to the mostly aging OC Young Republicans, are leading a “Regional Invasion” this Saturday, at 10 am at the Sanchez campaign headquarters, located at 1658 W. Lincoln Avenue, in Anaheim.

The Krom campaign is conducting one of the more innovative campaign events I have ever seen – phone banking in Farsi on Oct. 25.  Click here to learn more about that.  Great tactic given the large number of Persians living in Irvine.  Click here to see all of her upcoming campaign events.

Hedrick has launched a hilarious new video that spoofs his opponent, Calvert, who seems to think he is running against Nancy Pelosi.  Click here to see the video.  Click here to see all of his upcoming campaign events.

Van Tran’s Minuteman/Tea Party kooks in action

It is hard to say what will happen with Krom and Hedrick, but you have to give them credit for working hard.  Sanchez on the other hand is beginning to look like a winner, as the Tran campaign stumbles to the finish line.  Tran simply won’t be able to get enough votes in a district that is overwhelmingly Latino – and where Republicans remain a minority.

There has been a lot of talk about Latino voters not voting, but you have to believe that all of this ground work, coupled with State Senator Lou Correa’s reelection campaign, is going to turn out the Latino vote.  I know very few Latinos who are at all enthused by Tran.  We already allowed Janet Nguyen to take power in central Orange County.  This time I think most folks can agree that Tran must be stopped.

If Sanchez and Krom win, a lot of credit will have to go to campaign consultant Melahat Rafiei, who was named the OC Weekly’s best political player, a few weeks ago.  Rafiei previously served as the director of the DPOC, the Democratic Party of Orange County.  She is quite a whirlwind now, working not only with Sanchez and Krom but also with numerous local candidates.  She has quickly become Orange County’s most dominant Democratic political consultant.

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