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Duane Roberts, Green

THIS time, Wed. Sept. 29, have we got a special show for you! As Duane Roberts (Green candidate for Senate) posted here earlier this month, La Opinion along with KPCC 89.3 FM, are hosting a debate Wednesday afternoon between California Senate candidates Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Carly Fiorina, and excluding any third-party candidates who might say anything really interesting.  So, Radio Orange Juice is taking up the slack that evening with special guests:

As Duane wrote,

Like the owners of La Opinion, [KPCC doesn’t] want candidates of other parties on the air because they’ll talk about real issues affecting working people in California. Their financial interests will be threatened if voters started electing candidates that serve them, and not the rich.

They want to continue duping people into thinking the only “choices” available to them are always going to be two multi-millionaires whose campaigns are literally underwritten from top to bottom by funding from Fortune 500 Companies and the Military-Industrial Complex.

Marsha Feinland, Peace and Freedom

And he goes on to show why this makes sense, given the Board of Directors of both entities and their interest in maintaining the corporatist and militarist status quo, and hence their interest in limiting debate.

Well, some of us at the Orange Juice believe that Carly Fiorina and the possibility of Republicans overtaking the Senate is a nightmarish enough scenario that we’re backing Boxer despite our occasional disappointments and impatience with her.

Gail Lightfoot, Libertarian

And no doubt Juice-Brother Larry Gilbert feels the converse about Carly – that even if she’s not perfect it’s worth voting for her to get rid of alleged liberal domination in the state and the nation.

But NONE of us like to see debate stifled and alternative voices muzzled – so Gail, Marsha and Duane will have two hours to answer all the questions BBox and i-Carly were asked earlier in the day… and then take YOUR questions over the phone! And some of you might hear what you like so much that you’ll decide to go out on a limb and vote third party.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive Radio Orange Juice experience!  🙂

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