LABOR DAY: A message from Beth Krom

Dear Vern,

Dad with SonSince 1894, Labor Day has been a time to honor the contributions of American workers to the prosperity of our country.  Over the years, as economic conditions improved, it became better known as the last weekend of summer before kids head back to school – a time for families and friends to barbecue, vacation or go shopping.

Unfortunately, this Labor Day will be a time of stress and insecurity for the millions of American families who are struggling because of unemployment.  Here in California, our unemployment rate is 12.2%. That number does not include the millions more who have not yet entered the workforce, who have fallen off the unemployment rolls or who may be laid off in the months ahead.

Job creation requires capital. It’s time for the big banks who got bailed out by American taxpayers to stop gambling on Wall Street and start lending to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Many of those same banks would rather see people lose their homes than work with them to refinance their mortgages. It’s wrong to have any sector of our economy profit at the expense of the American people – especially when the American taxpayer underwrote their recovery. My opponent, John Campbell has consistently acted against the interests of American workers. He opposes consumer protections, regulation and oversight of financial institutions and lenders. He supports offshore tax shelters and tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.  He voted against the extension of unemployment benefits, but demands no accountability from the schemers and self-serving profiteers who brought down our national economy.

And now he’s one of three Congressman being investigated on ethics charges for raising campaign cash from top financial service industries at the same time the Financial Reform package was before Congress.

He has their backs.  I’ll have your back.  I’m running for Congress to stand up for middle-class families and small business owners who have played by the rules and worked hard just to keep their heads above water. We must restore the American dream. With your $25, $50, $100 or more TODAY! we will again put people ahead of profiteers, and reclaim our seat at the table.
This Congressional district (CA 48) is the job center of Orange County. When I get to Washington, I will fight to restore prosperity for all Americans.

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Beth Krom
Candidate for Congress (CA 48)
Beth Krom for Congress

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