Why are the SAUSD Trustees hiding from the public?

A few years ago I noticed that the Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustees did not provide the public with a direct way to reach them.  I complained and they listened.  For awhile you could email them directly, from their respective web pages.  I checked again today however and they are hiding from view again.  Now they only provide one, generic email address, for the entire Board.

That is still better than the Trustees on the Santa Ana Unified School District’s Board of Education.  The SAUSD Trustees do not provide you with any way to reach them.  I think that is terribly wrong.

We elect the Trustees to serve us.  They should provide both a contact phone number and an email address.  Why don’t they?  And haven’t any of the Trustees made a stink about this?  SAUSD President Audrey Noji has been on the School Board for over 20 years – and has never provided the public with a means to communicate with her.  And now she is running yet again for reelection!

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