Pension double dipper quits campaign for Coast Community College District Board of Education

Adios Walter Howald!

It looks like we helped to stop a pension double dipper in his tracks!  Walter Howald was trying to get reelected to the Coast Community College District this year, but his intentions were to pad his retirement, which we disclosed in a previous post.  Now Howald has withdrawn from the race, chased off by the Orange Juice!

Here is an excerpt from our seminal post about Howald:

It is almost certain that if he is re-elected in 2010, Howald will “retire” later in his next term and combine both the pensions, when he should only get his pension as a trustee, costing tax payers upwards of a million dollars through the remainder of his life. He knows he will benefit from this, as public records indicate that Mr Howald just completed construction of a million dollar home.

The good news is that a great candidate has stepped up in Lynn Riddle, a retired Federal Judge.  Here is her ballot statement, which even mentions the threat of pension double-dippers:

Judge Lynne Riddle giving the oath to Lorraine Prinsky, who defeated another Coast Community College District double-dipper, Armando Ruiz, in 2008

OCCUPATION: Retired Federal Judge

While no longer free, community colleges serve our shared belief that affordable access to education is crucial to meaningful lives and a productive democracy. Community colleges remain the most economic investment students, their families and taxpayers can make for our future.

An educator at heart, I earned a doctorate in education, was a university instructor/professor for eight years, and after law school practiced law in Santa Ana 9 years. Most recently, I served 14 years as a federal bankruptcy judge, helping rescue failing institutions; known as a “hanging judge” when presented with “cooked books”, fraud and deceit.

Facing harsh funding cuts, financial instability and joblessness, we must economize and maximize campus resources. I oppose salary and pension abuses, especially by public and school officials. No learning opportunity or student success should ever be lost through institutional ineffectiveness, mismanagement or personal greed.

I will spare no effort to achieve locally available classes for those seeking university transfer, career certificates, or job retooling. I offer my skills and experience to resolve educational resource issues.

Want affordable community college, institutional belt-tightening, leadership and integrity? Say “Yes” by voting for Lynne Riddle, Trustee, Area 5.

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