Krom: While others lead, Campbell LOAFS.

from 48th Congressional District candidate Beth Krom this morning:

photo by Dan Krauss, OC Register

Dear Vern,

Last week I took time off the campaign trail to attend a luncheon that featured the entire Orange County Congressional delegation. Since John Campbell has refused to debate me, I figured this might be a chance to engage.

The truth is, John Campbell has been the least accessible, least responsive and least productive member of Orange County’s delegation. While others arrived early to talk with guests, Campbell came late and entered through the kitchen to avoid any interaction with constituents. When the event ended, he was gone in a flash.

During his remarks, Campbell asserted that “When you win the debate, you should win the vote.” If John Campbell believes that, then WHY WON’T HE DEBATE ME?

The truth is, he’s afraid to debate.  A debate would mean explaining his opposition to education funding and veterans’ benefits. It would mean acknowledging that he’s missed more than 300 votes, including the vote on the Jobs Bill which he missed to attend a car show in Florida.  It would mean defending his position on offshore drilling and his failure to bring one measly dollar back to the district.

In the real world, when you don’t do your job, you GET FIRED.  In November, voters will have a chance to show that they will not be taken for granted anymore.  We need smart, courageous leadership to move America forward.  That’s why I’m running!

If you’re tired of politicians who care more about partisanship than leadership, please contribute $25, $50, $100 or more TODAY!

When I go to Congress, I’ll focus  on finding solutions – not whining, finger-pointing and compromising the future of the American people.


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Beth Krom
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Beth Krom for Congress

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