Should Obama militarize the border?

 Here is a thoughtful message from our friends at the Reform Immigration for America website:

Yesterday, the White House agreed to send 1,200 troops to the border and pour another $500 million dollars into ‘looking tough’ on immigration – with absolutely no promise of following through on the broken promise of reform.

Today, Senate will be voting  on border-only amendments that would spend billions of dollars on the border while doing nothing for the twelve million undocumented immigrants living here. These amendments are being pushed by the same Republicans who think that racial profiling is the right solution for Arizona.

We refuse to stand by and watch as the Senate wastes more money on failed border solutions. We want real action, not symbolic tough-talk!

Tell your Senator to vote NO on any amendments that focus on the border while ignoring the dire need for immigration reform. We need solutions that address the real issue, instead of pandering to the extreme views of our opposition.

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