Recap. Mission Viejo 2010 TEA Party

Driving along La Paz towards Marguerite just before 5 p.m. I was both surprised and impressed by the size of the crowd on all four corners of this major Mission Viejo intersection. This corner has been a vocal point for rallies ever since we became a city and yesterdays TEA Party was no exception.  When I arrived at the start of last years event the people were trickling in. That is not what I experienced yesterday.

Furthermore I disagree with the Register reporter on the number of TEA Party attendees. Three different participants told me that the crowd was larger than last year. There were actual counts that exceeded 600 people lining the streets. In some areas these patriots were crammed together 4 or 5 deep waving home made signs, banners and American flags.

There surely was a difference between this year and last years April 15th events. One major distinction yesterday is that 2010 is an election year. In speaking to M.C. Mark Dobrilovic this morning he agreed saying that “the 2009 TEA Party attendees were angry and had apprehension. While still having anger, this years attendees see hope in knowing that change is coming.  We’re making a change and can see light at the end of the tunnel. A lot more people have been awakened as to state spending.”

The MC of this rally was Mark Dobrilovic, Mission Viejo Investment Advisory Commissioner and Orange Juice blogger. He did a commendable job serving as the rally MC as he warmed up the crowd with his knowledge of issues which brings us together.
The first speaker introduced by Mark was Pacific Justice founder Brad Dacus. Brad spoke to the crowd about preserving our religious freedoms and cited examples of his firms efforts protecting those freedoms every day.

While blogger Rick Moore covered the event with photos and a brief video clip I wish someone had shot the entire 90 minutes plus of this event so that we could show proof that there were no mob scenes with violence or racism. Didn’t happen. In fact, every 15 minutes or thereabouts, Mark invited a middle aged man wearing an Obama T-shirt to use the microphone. Mark said “you are more than welcome to come and speak.” Each time the man declined.

Mark opened saying this isn’t about black and white. This is not a racist event. In fact he said the first person we will go after is a white Republican foreigner named Arnold Schwarzenegger. Another person he criticized was Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens pointing out her comments on our having 2,000 empty beds in our jail system while releasing 500 inmates into our neighborhoods. Some of his facts were quoted during the sheriff candidate forum held at the Casta Del Sol Republican Club meeting that I published last month.

Between speaker’s we listened to patriotic music of Charlie Daniels and Lee Greenwood.

42nd CD Congressman Gary Miller’s office provided 600 pocket size copies of the Constitution which disappeared rather quickly.

Other event speakers included: OC Sheriff candidate Bill Hunt, Assembly Candidate Don Wagner, Central Committee candidates former acting sheriff Jack Anderson and Lynda Barnes, current Mission Viejo council member Cathy Schlicht, Lake Forest council member Marsha Rudolph, former Mission Viejo mayor Gail Reavis, CRA Vice President Scott Voigts and current SRA president Matt Corrigan and Congressman Miller’s local District Director Steve Thornton. Each of them encouraged the crowd to become active in taking this energy to a higher level of political participation.

While I know many of the participants, it was awesome to see so many new faces in the crowd. American patriots coming together to share their frustration and willingness to take time out of their lives to send a message. The participants were encouraged by the many cars and trucks that passed by blowing their horns and waving signs and flags out their windows.

At one point I approached local watchdog Joe Holtzman speaking to Bill Hunt. I asked Joe if he questioned Bill on one of his biggest public safety concerns. This morning Joe reconfirmed that he indeed asked Bill that if elected sheriff would he get Sheriff Deputies off sidewalks with their motorcycles which violate the vehicle code.

Quoting Joe Bill said “he would certainly follow a policy of getting them off the sidewalk following the CA vehicle Code CVC 21663.” Joe continued saying that Bill understands the problem as it relates to pedestrians.

As this event was held right across the street from our city library and city hall I was surprised that Cathy Schlicht was the only member of our current city council to attend. Note: I did speak to former Mission Viejo mayor Bill Craycraft who also attended last year’s gathering.

I will give councilman Dave Leckness a pass in that he was working on a multi page rush project for me yesterday. As they say action speaks louder than words. While Trish Kelley can take time out to go to a spelling bee yet skip a patriotic event in your home town is a reflection on priorities, especially when speakers travel to Mission Viejo from Sacramento.

Yes, Cathy Schlicht was there. In fact I introduced her to the Register Reporter who interviewed her after interviewing Brad Dacus. I guess Cathy joins me on the Register black list in that you will not find word one of that exchange in today’s Register.

To paraphrase Mark’s closing comment to the participants he said that “at the end of the day, unless we convert our anger into activism..get involved, walk precincts, etc., we will miss sending our message to those in elected office who have created the current mess we need to clean up.”

While I was able to get a few photos when cars were not whizzing by, let me simply request your going to Rick Moore’s link which follows where you can see some of his photo’s along with a very brief video. In fact, I am included. Where’s Waldo is all I will add.

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