Allan Mansoor says he is Swedish, not Egyptian

Allan Mansoor says he is Swedish, not Egyptian

The cat is out of the bag.  Costa Mesa Councilman Allan Mansoor wants to bring Arizona-style racial profiling to Costa Mesa.

The irony is that he freely admits that his own parents were immigrants!  Check out these excerpts from his blog:

My father, though born in Egypt and with an Arabic name, was greatly influenced by European culture. Many business contacts were European and he attended a French Catholic school where he was taught in French. He was also raised as a Christian in a Coptic Church as opposed to a Muslim. My mother is from Finland and when I was raised my mother took me and my brothers to a Lutheran church. Actually my mother is from the Aland Islands which are in the Gulf of Bothnia. Swedish is the culture but the islands are a province of Finland. I was born in California and one could also argue that since my mother was a stay at home mom, Swedish culture was more prevalent in our home than Middle Eastern culture. English was the language in our home and I would argue that we grew up with an American culture.

Egypt is on the continent of Africa, does that make me African-American? Or do you have to be dark skinned or politically correct to be called that? What if you are a white person from South Africa who comes here and becomes a United States citizen? Is that person African-American? What if I had two parents from Europe, would you be pointing out that I was European-American? And why didn’t they say I was a Swedish-American? Perhaps when there is a Swedish uproar at the Volvo plant I can be listed that way. Or should I be listed as Egyptian-American, or Swedish-Egyptian American, or does Arab or Egyptian come first? Am I allowed to ask these questions publicly in America? Or is it not politically correct?

So why then should the origin of your last name be used to describe you? Is it because people are becoming lazy and don’t want to engage in meaningful dialogue with others to determine their beliefs and values? The other two so-called Arab-Americans are probably equally different. But we won’t know because it is just used to divide people, not to encourage dialogue.

So Mansoor comes from a family of immigrants and he appears to be ashamed of his father’s Egyptian/Arab heritage.  What a hypocrite – and a weenie!

By the way, the last time I looked, no Mexicans were involved in the 9/11 attack on New York – just a bunch of Arabs.  Maybe we ought to be profiling Mansoor?  Better yet, maybe none of us should be profiling anyone?

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