Who is 42nd congressional district candidate Lee McGroarty? Part 2

On Saturday, March 13th, after the local Rush Limbaugh fan club breakfast at the Casta Del Sol golf course, I sat down with Inland Empire businessman Lee McGroarty to discuss his campaign for Congress in the 42nd CD.

This is part two of two which covers foreign policy and immigration issues and closes with some general questions and his final thoughts regarding the “good old boys club.”

The 42th Congressional District of CA has a population of 640,000. The District includes all of Brea, Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, La Habra, La Habra Heights, Mission Viejo, RSM and parts of Anaheim, Placentia, Rowland Heights and Whittier.

Demographics of the District report the population made up of roughly 24% Latino, 18% Asian, 3% black and the balance white.
 (R) Gary Miller is the current 42th CD incumbent.

Foreign Policy and Immigration issues

LG Having served in the USAF do you support the president’s sending of additional troops to Afghanistan?

LM It’s a tough one. Someone had asked me if our being in Afghanistan and Iraq is Constitutional. I believe the Congress was weak in giving president Bush the authority to go to war. They should have given him a declaration of war to enable him to do what he needed to do and we wouldn’t have issues like we have with Guantanamo Bay. With that said they did give him authorization to use military force. He used that authorization. And now I look at this as a former Air Force veteran. My friends are over there. We are trying to win that conflict. Give us everything we need in order to do it. I believe in the Powell Doctrine. The Powell Doctrine is overwhelming force. 

We are there to win. We are not there to have one hand tied behind our backs and play diplomat. If we are going to use military force we should do it in a way that is overwhelming with one goal in mind which is to win and get the heck out of there.

LG What should our involvement be as Iran continues to develop a military nuclear capability?

LM Frankly I found the administration of president Bush to be extremely weak on this issue and unfortunately president Obama is following in the same footsteps. So I don’t blame president Obama for the situation he’s in. I blame the fact that over the last decade, the US has allowed Iran to get to the point where we are at now. I wouldn’t allow Iran to go any further. And I’m tired of talking to the UN. I’m tired of talking to our allies, our supposed allies, on this thing. It is time that we take some type of action and, I would also give a green light to Israel to do whatever they need to do to protect themselves.

LG What’s you position on the proposed two state solution for the nation of Israel? Should we be involved in that process?

LM Again. As the policeman of the world I feel that we almost have no choice. We are being called in as the arbiter of that situation. I don’t believe the Palestinian statehood should take precedent over the fact that they are terrorists. Many of the people there are terrorists. The Hamas, Hezbollah and the proxy wars that they are being forced to do.
Until they agree, and I would say more on the issues that Israel is putting out there to protect its own interests. Until Palestine comes to Israel’s side of the issues, I don’t see a statehood for Palestine. Because no matter what we give them they will never agree with anything. I see this as a battle that will wage for years because politically it makes sense for Palestine to stay independent.

LG Pro Amnesty organizers are holding a rally on the National Mall tomorrow.  What’s your position on illegal immigration?

LM I am completely against amnesty, or any form of amnesty. However when I look at, when I talk to very strong conservatives. What I have asked is, and my position is:

One. You have to seal that border. And I mean seal that border where no one get’s in. We have to know who is in this country. That doesn’t mean Mexicans. That means everyone who does not belong here who shouldn’t be here. We can’t know whose here if we just continue to allow a Swiss cheese border. We’ve got to close that out. We’ve got to seal it. I think the Republican Party has been very weak when it comes to sealing the border. They talk a good game. They were in control of congress for how many years and nothing got done.

The second part. Policing of the border now becomes a National Security issue. Whose in this country? We need to know who is here, but when I ask every conservative they question how do you get them out.

LG What’s your solution for 12 million undocumented now residing in the US?

LM It’s a tough one. My concern is that as much as we want to force everyone out, I didn’t see 12 million people going out. And I don’t see law enforcement being given the resources and the tools to be able to do it. We should be cracking down on employers. We should be forcing law enforcement to do what they’re supposed to do which is to enforce the laws which are on the books. Unfortunately, with politicians, especially here in CA which is controlled by Democrats, the will is not there from the political side. Prop 187 was the right law. I would focus in on what 187 was designed to do.

General Questions

LG Do you support or oppose Term Limits for members of Congress and why?

LM Well, Constitutionally you would need to pass a Constitutional Amendment to put Term Limits in. I am completely in favor of Term Limits. I would serve a maximum of 4 terms, that would be eight years. Members of the House should not serve any longer than the president.

LG Do you have any major endorsements and if so, from whom?

LM The Conservative Party of CA and Independent Caucus have endorsed me.
LG How much money do you believe it will take to win in the GOP primary?

LM In other years I think it would take $500,000 to $1 mil. This year it could be considerably less. People are taking an active interest.
The people who have created the mess are still in there and now want a two year contract extension.

LG What’s you budget for this race?

LM We don’t have a lot of money. Our budget will be in a way as I would like to govern. We will use money wisely and not get ourselves into debt. Money is important but money is not everything.

LG Do you have a campaign manager and if so, can you tell us who is it?

LM Actually Yes. Chris Mc Donnough a former grad from Cal State Fullerton with a background in economics. Chris is not a yes man. I need people to tell me straight if I’m off base.

LG Do you have any “grass roots” PAC or major supporters such as the CRA, GOP, Lincoln Club or New Majority?

LM No, and If I can say something here. This is to the Republican Party. When I got into this race, I really felt, with congressman Miller’s track record, particularly since 2008, where he is partially responsible for the current mess, that the Republican establishment would want to make a change. And I asked other politicians to consider running and was told the same thing. That the Republican Party would cut me at the knees. I said no, this is a different election.

When we called every Republican group including the CRA (California Republican Assembly), and we let them know we were running, they asked when could we come out and speak to the group. And when we mentioned we were running against Congressman Gary Miller they retracted and took the invitation away. We have not had one opportunity to speak to a Republican group. We had asked on many occasions. We are hoping for an opportunity to do so.

CRA has just endorsed Gary Miller without even speaking with us even though we called many times and that says everything as long as the Republican Party continues to back people who got us into this mess in the first place. People are going to be frustrated with the Republican Party. The reason the Tea Party Movement, the Conservative Party Movement and other conservative organizations are so frustrated with the Republican Party because they don’t seen to be listening.

LG. Did you get a questionnaire from the CRA to respond to.

LM Not that I know of. My campaign may have. When you talk to Tea Parties they say come on in. With the Republican Party we were told to fill out a form and then we’ll have a committee decide if you speak or not.

Gilbert note.  If you have any questions on Mr. MrGroarty’s policy positions, let me suggest going to his web site, sending him an email or calling him directly. www.mcgroartyforcongress.com.

His campaign phone number 949.648.0171 and his email:

As the Juice Team will listen to all official candidates, the door is open should congressman Miller wish to respond to a similar interview.

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