Anaheim Republicans beware, John Leos is a RINO

John Leos is a Republican, but beware, he is a union-backed RINO

How clever the labor unions are.  They have recruited a Republican to be their candidate for the Anaheim City Council.  His name is John Leos.

Chris Prevatt, the ultimate labor stooge and a County worker himself, praised Leos in a post over at the Liberal OC.  That was our first clue as to what was up.

Since then I have found out that Jordan Brandman, the Democrat who is on the Anaheim Union High School District’s Board of Education, has allowed Leos to use his mailing list.

Brandman is known for working with a lot of Republicans.  He credits Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle for getting him involved in politics. 

So who is John Leos?  He is a County Probation officer.  There are over 700 registered sex offenders in Anaheim.  Perhaps Leos manages a few of those cases.

He only has a two year college degree.  But the unions like him because he is on the Board of Directors of OCEA (Orange County Employee’s Association).  He is also a member of the OCEA Peace Officer Protective League Oversight Committee.  And he is a member of the State Coalition Of Probation Organizations. 

As you likely now, public employee pensions are threatening to bankrupt our state and many of our cities.  Do you think Leos is going to do anything to resolve that?  No way!

In fact OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh recently announced that the OC GOP is not going to support union-backed Republican candidates like Leos – and with good reason.

If you are a Republican and you live in Anaheim be very wary of Leos.  He will crow about public safety but at the end of the day he is just another under-educated County worker making a mint at our expense.  While we struggle to survive he does quite well.  And while we are working until we are 80, or dead, he will long since have retired, at our expense, and will be enjoying a fat pension…

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