Tower of Babel – Now what?

Understanding other people’s money is a risky task to be sure.  Afterall, you can simply look at your own paycheck each week and figure out how much was the gross and how much the government took and how much you have left.  It is only at tax time that you start to question, why – if they have taken so much out of your paycheck already….that you will be required to either send more or most of what they have already taken out… keep the government going.  You think you can relate to what others are going through…right?

We get up every morning and are pleased that we have nice roads to drive on, excellent paramedic response, fine firefighters that quickly put out any silly home or office fires, great police that are right there when you need them should anything go wrong in your neighborhood.  It gives us all a sense of pride to know we live in a well maintained, healthy and safe community.

Take Dubai for example!  They have just built the worlds tallest building.  They have had a few glitches with the elevators…which of course could be expected when you are breaking records and new ground.

 Then you start to wonder….how much did that cost?  How can governments spends endlessly and not worry about the cost of almost anything?  How is it possible that countries like Dubai…….can borrow all the money they want to build anything they want….and places like Rwanda….can’t borrow enough money to replace a stretch of potholes?   This is called:  “Credit Worthiness!”  It is the main reason that banks raise their annual interest rates on consumer credit cards.  It is the main reason for their existence – to take the money out of your pocket and put it into theirs.  Then give it to Dubai!

The Dubai Towers cost about $1.5 Billion dollars.  Not alot when it comes to government/public/private programs are concerned.  But will anyone ever get their money back?  Who put their money into the bonds and equity that it took to build that monstrosity?  Ever heard of Derivatives?  Ever heard of Hedge Funds?  Ever heard of Credit Default Swaps?  Ever hear about “Complex Investment Vehicles?  Well, this is how the building got built.  International Bankers around the world agreed.  “Dubai is credit worthy and we don’t even care whether they pay that money back.”  We can just take that cash from stupid investors and dumber Credit Card consumers. “Isn’t it pretty? – our Tower of Babel!”

Many reading this blog have complained bitterly that High Speed Rail is a waste of the people’s money. Our rhetorical question is:  How about benefitting the citizens of our country?   Many have said, that we cannot afford to repair bridges, highways, waterways or sewage infrastructure.  They say that “times are tough…and that we should wait till better economic times!”   When California Governor’s Goodwin Knight and Edmund G. Pat Brown were in office…..they bought off on President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s vision of a national of roads.  California Freeways….got built…not Tollways! 

The Holland Tunnel is over 80 years old, the Golden Gate Bridge over 73.  The infamous “Big Dig” in Boston is just 5 years old.  All of these projects were just simple visions on how to make those communities better.  Some were good community ideas and some like the “Garden State Parkway” in New Jersey……were probably just a ripoff to begin with.  Back to our Tower of Babel.  Who is paying for that piece of real estate?   World Banking!  The same choices of International Bankers that get and got huge bonuses, huge compensation.  Two of Merrill-Lynch’s worst offendeds in the Credit Default Swap area -( Chapin & Kaplan  just got re- signed by ML)….after they came out of bankruptcy.  International Banking is a small community.  The World Bank and the entire banking industry could probably be run by 10 people!  You might have heard – Dubai has one of the worst Real Estate meltdowns going on right now! 

So, as countries like Greece crash without a parachute……Dubai makes out, because initially Tiger Woods Designed the Dubai Golf Course.  That is why they even have Formula I Races, because International Bankers invested in this location.   Follow the money….is truly the Global wisdom!

So, as we look at places like Haiti, Somalia, Burma and others.  These are countries which are never going to be rich, safe or enriched.  Not unless International Banking gets reigned in and that power is given or shared with the people of the world.  “We are the World!” which was recorded in 1985 is still the finest example of what we should be doing.  The new edition, couldn’t touch the skirt…..of Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Cyndee Lauper!  Perhaps, there is a lesson in all this.  Perhaps all we need are a new set of  International Bankers!  Ones that realize that those “Ripoff Derivatives” developed in 1998 are just not going to cut it.  Perhaps we need a new hierarchy for Global Banking.  Perhaps we need new people in charge of the NCAA so we can have a National Championship for College Football. 

We have all been busy, blaming all the Democratic and Republican politicians for the world’s woes.  These are truly minor players (or willing co-conspiratore) – simply doing the will of those that fund their campaigns (Banking/Insurance, Big Pharma) – what we need are new people in charge of our Institutions in general.  Our Institutions have become totally stullified.  Our Instiutions have become systemicaly fat and very overbearing.  The composition and management of these Institutions need to be reassessed – from top to bottom.  The great frustration of the general public is not caused by Fox News, MSNBC or the Federal Reserve for that matter – even though they contribute because of “who sponsors them”.  The time has come for some fundamental changes in society.  Changes that can fit the new technology.  We want answers to health concerns, we want answers to unfair pensions, bonuses and retirement for the few, we want intelligent technology for energy and we certainly don’t want added fees and taxes as part of that answer.

Greed is out people!  Fair is in!  Let’s get started making those fundamental changes that are going slow the huberus and stupidity and create the basic fairness this old world is crying out to achieve – for those of us in the United States and around the Globe!  Let’s start by removing Pharmacological Ads on Television!  Psycho-therapy drugs should probably be proscribed by a physican and not offered to the general public!

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