No Latinos for Tom Daly!

Career Democratic politician Tom Daly is having another fundraiser on Feb. 25, but what is more interesting is the absolute lack of Latinos on his campaign committee.

The 4th Supervisorial District has a slight Latino majority.  And there is a Democratic Latina in the race  – La Habra Councilwoman Rose Espinoza.  But the Usual Blue Suspects are lining up behind Daly.

This is typical in Orange County.  Our local Dems love great white hopes.  Remember Tom Umberg? 

Daly also appears to have finally purchased a website,, but the ding-dong didn’t buy all the URLs that he should have.  He already lost control of  No bueno!

Not much to Daly’s website yet, but he sure likes those young ladies!

To make matters worse, there is nothing up on Daly’s website.  It is as such just like him…nothing there to see folks.

I wonder how local Dems feel to be in bed with John Lewis?  Awkward!

Here are the details regarding Daly’s event.  Note that you have to pay a minimum of $250!

Thursday, February 25th
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
The Catch Restaurant (at its new location across from The Grove)
2100 East Katella Avenue, Anaheim

$1700 Campaign Sponsor $1000 Event Sponsor
$500 Event Host $250 Per Person

Please make checks payable to Daly for Supervisor 2010
700 N. Westwood Place, Anaheim CA 92805
Reply to (714) 991-3443 or

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