Why does Loretta Sanchez walk in parades in Huntington Beach and Little Saigon, but not in Santa Ana?

Loretta Sanchez at the Tet Festival

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez loves parades.  She shows up every year at the Tet Festival, in Little Saigon, and even dresses up for the festivities.

And she shows up in Huntington Beach quite regularly for their 4th of July Parade.

But you won’t ever find Sanchez at the Fiestas Patrias Parade, in Santa Ana.  This is the single biggest cultural event for Latinos in Orange County.  But I have never seen Sanchez there.

Loretta Sanchez panders at the Tet Festival

Why is that?  You would think Sanchez would want to celebrate the Independence of Mexico and other Latin American countries.  She is happy to celebrate American Independence, but when it comes to our neighbors to the south, not so much.

Loretta Sanchez at the Huntington Beach Parade

Sanchez is a regular Yankee Doodle Dandy, but is Huntington Beach even in her district?

The irony is that even documented immigrant-basher Miguel Pulido, who is the Mayor of Santa Ana, shows up to the Fiestas Patrias parade every year.  And he supported Prop. 187!

Loretta Sanchez dresses up for Tet

And we even get Republicans at this parade.  Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante is there every year – and Supervisor Janet Nguyen was there this year too.  But no Loretta Sanchez.

Loretta Sanchez plays the flute

And now for the talent portion of the Tet Festival parade…

State Senator Lou Correa and State Assemblyman Jose Solorio were there this year.  But no Loretta Sanchez.  And I didn’t see her last year either.

Mas Loretta Sanchez at HB Parade

Sanchez deleted her HB pictures from her website, but we found them anyway!

What up with that?

Have Sanchez’ handlers told her not to reach out to the very people who vaulted her to power?

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