More pictures from Chris Norby’s victory party!

Chris Norby, Superstar

“I wonder if anyone wants Linda Ackerman’s autograph?”

Chris Norby’s victory party was so chock-full of politicians and wannabes that we could not fit all our pictures into our last post.  So here are a few more:

Matt Holder

One of Norby’s consultants, Matt Holder, who really needs to eat more!

Allan Bartlett plots against Linda Ackerman

Blogger Allan Bartlett thinks about how he will rip Ackerman in his next Red County post

Bill Campbell and Jon Fleischman

Supervisor Bill Campbell said, “Jon you look like you’re a homeless Democrat!”

 Norby and Lewis

 “I can’t believe I sold my soul to John Lewis!”

Matt Harper

“Have you seen my boss Janet Nguyen?  She took off in a hurry!”

Tony Bushala and Martha Montelongo

OJ bloggers Tony Bushala and Martha Montelongo

Tim Whitacre at Norby's party

“Sure – I’m as qualified to be an Assistant Sheriff as Don Haidl was…”

Claudia Alvarez and Pat Kelly

Santa Ana Acting Mayor Claudia Alvarez and Pat Kelly of the Teamsters

Jerbal was an Ackerman backer

“Sure, I backed Ackerman but now I am backing Norby.  You think he might hire Mrs. Jerbal?”

Jerbal and Allan Bartlett

“You think you can take it easy on Ackerman in your Red County post tomorrow?”

Sean Mill and Lisa Bist

OJ Blogger Sean Mill and former Santa Ana Councilwoman Lisa Bist

 Jon Fleischman feeling dirty

“I feel pretty…”

John Lewis wants more money

” Please give more money to Chris so he can pay my bill!”

 Shawn Nelson was endorsed by Norby

 “Yes!  I got Norby’s endorsement and that lousy Democrat Daly didn’t!”

Jerbal is balding!

“Why yes, my hairline is receding!”

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