Low turnout should mean a Norby victory in today’s 72nd Assembly District special election


So who is going to prevail today in the Special Election in the 72nd Assembly District?  This is the race to replace pervy Assemblyman Mike Duvall.  The candidates include Libertarian-leaning Supervisor Chris Norby; OC GOP machine candidate Linda Ackerman (who is running as a carpetbagger from Irvine); Democratic candidate John MacMurray, who is a teacher; Green Party candidate Jane Rands and nutcase wannabe Richard Faher, who is a Republican from Placentia.

Election “officials are expecting very light turnout — as in 6 to 7 percent of eligible voters — at the polls today,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

In a low-turnout election, the activists rule.  The 72nd is a solidly Republican district.  The anti-tax voters are most likely to be voting today, which bodes ill for Ackerman and MacMurray.  Despite the underhanded attacks on Norby I expect him to prevail.  He may not win outright, but will advance to a Special Election, where he will smack down MacMurray and Rands with little effort.

If this goes to a runoff, expect the loser, Ackerman, to endorse the Democrat, MacMurray.  And if Norby wins outright, expect the lame OC GOP Republitocracy to immediately embrace him like a lost brother.  No doubt Red County editor Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham will swear that he supported Norby from the outset. 

Norby will be better than Ackerman, but his consultant is John Lewis.  Norby’s offices will be staffed with Lewis losers.  Who knows?  Some of Jerbal’s pals might even get hooked up.

For the Democrats this will be another bitter loss in a sea of losses here in Orange County.  They will then focus their efforts on helping Irvine Councilwoman Beth Krom lose against U.S. Rep. John Campbell…

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