Yak it up with a 21st Century Conservative

Chuck DeVore and Pat Bates will be in Lake Forest this Thursday to talk to … whomever shows up.   No  “per plate” fee needed. No contribution.  Just direct Q&A.  In Sacramento and D.C. that’s called “access” and generally involves writing a check. This Thursday, October 29th, all you have to do is walk in the door at 7:00 pm  at Lake Forest Sun & Sail Club, 24752 Toledo Way (Corner of Toledo Way and Lake Forest Drive ).
Chuck DeVore, 21st century conservative

Chuck DeVore, 21st century conservative

Chuck is a Republican to be proud of during this time of Ackermans and Duvalls. He is a living proof that one can serve in Sacramento but vote and act like a real Conservative. I personally like Chuck because he is a wonk at heart who can give substantive answers. Chuck’s campaign is also interesting because of his innovative use of modern communications to reach supporters.   Whether or not his long-shot candidacy against an entrenched liberal Senator succeeds, this campaign is providing lessons for how to  build of a 21st century state-wide campaign that doesn’t have “Suck up to the Big Money” as step number one.

So drop by and meet Chuck  Devore.

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