Red County editor Matt Jerbal Cunningham shills for a Democrat while attacking free speech

Tom Daly is a career politican

Democratic Supervisorial candidate Tom Daly apparently forgot to buy up the obvious URLs for his campaign for the 4th District seat being vacated by termed out Supervisor Chris Norby. 

Today Red County editor Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham had a total cow when he realized that the URLs were bought up by our pal Tony Bushala, the editor of the Friends for Fullerton’s Future blog. 

Jerbal went on to cite some obscure code about cybersquatting, which is what you call it when someone buys up an URL and then sits on it so the candidate cannot use it.

But Bushala isn’t sitting on it.  He is using it to make a point.  When you click on the URL, which is, you get an image of a sign that says that Daly is a career p0litician.  That, quite simply, is the truth – and it is protected free speech.

What is it about Republicans like Jerbal that pits them against the First Amendment time and again?

Just last week the law firm that defended Jerbal’s friend, former (and since disgraced and indicted) O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona, sent us and Bushala nasty letters after we reported what Ch. 2/9 reporter Dave Lopez reported about a fundraiser, Desiree Mouzoon, who worked for both Carona as well as Mike Duvall, the pervy legislator who had to quit when we all found out about his secret liaisons with lobbyists.  Mouzoon also works now as a fundraiser for Jerbal’s friend Linda Ackerman, who is challenging Norby for the 72nd Assembly District seat that Duvall used to fill.

Political free speech is protected!  Ironically, Jerbal stepped on it a couple years ago when he posted  the names of molestation victims on a website defending John Urell, a Catholic Monsignor who protected priests who molested children.  That sort of free speech is not protected and Jerbal got his behind kicked on John and Ken’s popular radio show on KFI.  And our friends at the OC Weekly lit into him too.

You have to wonder why Jerbal is promoting Democrats like Daly on his ostensibly Republican blog…how much is he getting paid to shill for Daly?

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