Obama: John Campbell, Grab a Mop! Get to WORK!

Of late, it seems like there is a growing chorus of voices claiming that all of the nation’s problems belong to President Obama.  Obama has a war.  Obama has another war. Obama has a recession.  Obama has a budget deficit.  Obama has high unemployment.   Well, here’s Mr. Smartguy President’s response:    He’s trying to mop up the mess that others made and he’s getting sideliners’ criticism that he’s holding the mop all wrong or that he’s using a socialist mop.    Sideliners, like our local do-nothing G NO P‘-‘er John Campbell (R-48,CA).  The ONLY thing Campbell knows how to do is to vote NO on anything proposed by progressives and to lick the boots of lobbyists for money.                    Click the video clip for a little humor and a reality check.

Our president is already working.  It’s time for John Campbell to step it UP.  Now.   Campbell told international LIES about NHS.  And his current “lap top” discussions have been no better.   Here’s what kind of garbage he’s trying to peddle lately………

Email contents from John Campbell-    Friday October 16, 2009: From Congressman John Campbell’s Laptop to Yours:

Health Care Factoid: Speaking of unions, it has been interesting to watch so many of them come out in opposition of the Senate/Baucus health care plan. Why? Because it taxes so-called “Cadillac health plans” that have lots of coverage. Most of these plans are in union-negotiated contracts. So, most teachers, firefighters, cops, auto workers, etc. have “Cadillac plans” and would be taxed under this proposal. Here’s one time the unions and I agree. Don’t we want as many people as possible to have the best health coverage possible, particularly with no taxpayer money involved? You tax something when you want less of it. But it will be hard to get many people into the government-run plan if there are far better alternatives out there. This is just another of the many stupid elements of the socialized medicine bills that Pelosi/Reid/Obama are determined to shove down our throats.

John Campbell, get to WORK and help clean up the mess, you lazy slacker.

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