Will Linda Ackerman ride her last name to the California State Assembly?

Linda Ackerman

Dick can’t run anymore, so now it’s Linda Ackerman’s turn – but will voters care?

Every day it seems that yet another O.C. politician jumps into the race for disgraced former Assemblyman Mike Duvall’s seat.  Today it was Linda Ackerman’s turn to announce her campaign.

Ackerman’s biggest strength, her name, is also her biggest impediment.  Her husband Dick was a State Senator and an Assemblyman for years.  He is now thoroughly termed out, so I guess it’s Linda’s turn.  This won’t go over well with the Republican voters in the district.   Democrats like to elect spouses.  Republicans tend to be not so gullible.

Folks will figure out the fact that Linda has never held elective office, although she has been appointed to numerous positions – by virtue of her hubby Dick of course.  They will hear that she is a carpetbagger.  And the Ackermans were proud supporters of Duvall.

Others who have recently announced their campaigns include Orange Councilman Jon Dumitru (why isn’t he just backing fellow conservative Chris Norby?), and Democrat John MacMurray. 

And many others are thinking about running, including Brea Councilman Marty Simonoff; Placentia Councilmembers Scott Brady, Jeremy Yamaguchi and Steve Nelson (why anyone would want to elect someone from virtually bankrupt Placentia is a real mystery); Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu (is there any office he won’t run for?); and Orange Coouncilwoman Carolyn Cavecche.  Oh and some Latino Republican named Richard Rios is also interested.  Good luck with that Richard – your party pretty much hates Latinos!

I still think that Supervisor Chris Norby is the guy to beat in this race.  He has the money, the name I.D., and a sterling reputation as a tax-fighter and an opponent of stupid redevelopment and eminent domain.  I can see Norby’s message being very well-received at a time when most voters are highly pissed off at the lame legislators in Sacramento.

And the Democrats would be SILLY to get behind this unkown MacMurray guy.  If they want to go for it they should get behind Fullerton Councilwoman Sharon Quirk-Silva.  In a race full of Republicans, she could argue that after Duvall the voters need a change – they need to punish the GOP by voting for a Democrat.  That she is a Latina, and a wise one at that, is a plus.

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