Linda Ackerman endorsed by fellow hack Jon Dumitru

Jon Dumitru, Lurker

Orange Councilman Jon Dumitru, caught lurking around the White House

Orange Councilman Jon Dumitru has pulled out of the race to replace disgraced Assemblyman Mike Duvall – and he has endorsed Linda Ackerman, according to the Total Buzz blog.  Ackerman was of course a prominent supporter of Duvall, and she is also a carpetbagger as she lives in Irvine.

Understand that this means Dumitru is a hack, so good riddance. 

Norby scares these people because he doesn’t bend knee to the party establishment and he questions the sort of stupid spending that people like Ackerman and Dumitru support.

Ackerman’s husband Dick was a disaster as a State Senator.  If you liked his record then I suppose his wife is the candidate for you. 

Norby is a bit of a free spirit but he is a reliable fiscal conservative – and the right guy to send to Sacramento if you want an Assemblyman who will oppose ALL tax increases.

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