Why does the Liberal OC’s Chris Prevatt keep defending Republicans and attacking Democrats?

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A week ago our blogger Sean Mill broke the story that the restaurant owned by Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s husband, Tom Bonikowski-Nguyen, and her Chief of Staff, Andrew Do, had once again been issued several Orange County Health violations, including two major violations.

We are still waiting for the blue hacks at the Liberal OC to even mention to their readers that Nguyen voted against restaurant health ratings and of course it comes as no surprise that they are not going to let their readers know about these latest violations, even though Liberal OC editor Chris Prevatt works for the Orange County Health Department.

Instead, Prevatt is attacking Mill for going after these foul Republicans!  Prevatt wrote this comment ripping Mill in a recent post:

As the “community blogger” who first raised the question of Van Tran’s involvement in this matter, I do appreciate Deepa at the Register getting the answers to some of those questions.

I now get to ask the next question of one of the “community bloggers” who came to the valiant defense of Councilman Quach and Assemblyman Tran. This particular blogger, a Democrat and Santa Ana Planning Commissioner appointed by Sal Tinajero suggested that Quach’s intoxicated driving was somehow less of a threat to public safety than health code violations at a Lee’s Sandwich shop.

Sean Mill, why again are you standing up for a drunk driving councilman and his investigation obstructing mentor Van Tran? Where is your outrage over the people who served so much alcohol to Quach that he couldn’t get a quarter of a mile down the road? How can someone with such questionable judgment as you sit in judgement over conditional use permits in Santa Ana? Your lack of good judgment reflects poorly not just on you, but also on Councilman Sal Tinajero.

Not that you have the integrity of character to do so, but you should resign immediately from the Santa Ana Planning Commission. You should do so for the good of the people of Santa Ana, and your friend Sal Tinajero.

Don’t drag him down into the same pit of slime in which you dwell.


Where do I even start with this libelous stew?  Mill DID NOT defend Quach – that is a total lie.  What Mill did was illustrate to our readers the fact that BOTH the Trannies AND the Jannies are a threat to public health.  Quach had a blood alcohol level of .26, allegedly, when he crashed last Saturday night.  But the restaurant owned by Janet Nguyen’s husband and Chief of Staff has had almost 40 health violations!  Thousands of people die of food poisoning every year in this country – no wonder Janet voted against restaurant health ratings!

But Prevatt does not care if anyone dies after eating at Tom and Andrew’s restaurant, which is a Lees Sandwiches franchise in Stanton.  Prevatt simply continues to give free passes to Janet – and that is becuase he is a JANNIE through and through.

Now you have to wonder, why would Prevatt, a supposedly liberal Democrat, be interested in defending Janet Nguyen?  She has proven to be anything but a moderate.  She voted to deny funding to important health programs for women, run by Planned Parenthood.  Prevatt NEVER mentioned this at all on his blog!

Janet voted to spend money on new furniture for her office and she also supported remodeling the County lobby at her office, while the Supervisors were laying off Prevatt’s fellow county workers!

And now Janet is threatening to run against Democratic State Senator Lou Correa, according to my sources.  I wonder if Prevatt will even support Correa?  I doubt it!

Mill is not the bad guy – Janet’s husband and her chief of staff are – but not in Prevatt’s world.  It apparently does not matter to Prevatt that Janet’s Chief of Staff, Andrew Do, defeated Democrat Robin Marcario last year for the Garden Grove City Council.  There are rumors that Do STILL does not even live in Garden Grove, but you sure as hell won’t read about that at the Liberal OC!

And Janet got her hubby, Tom, appointed to the Garden Grove Planning Commission.  Here then is the BIGGEST irony.  Prevatt is calling on Mill to resign from the Santa Ana Planning Commission because he exposed the fact that Tom’s restaurant keeps racking up health violations.  But shouldn’t Prevatt be going after REPUBLICAN Tom Bonkowski-Nguyen, who was put on the Garden Grove Planning Commission even though he runs a restaurant that keeps getting health violations?

Prevatt also went after me last year when I ran for the Santa Ana City Council, even though I was endorsed by Planned Parenthood and ECCO.  He helped to reelect REPUBLICAN Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante, who was himself forced to resign from two state commissions last year after he made comments about Sheriff Hutchens that constituted harassment!

Prevatt in fact joined his fellow Republican loving blogger, Dan Chmielenski, in supporting a hit piece against me last year that was designed by Red County blogger Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham, and funded by Republicans including Mike Schroeder, a bunch of Trannies, and Judy Ware!


Prevatt also recently banned fellow Democrat Paul Lucas from commenting on his sinking blog.  But Prevatt is always thrilled when Jerbal shows up at his blog, even though Jerbal works every day to take out Democrats, except of course for Tom Daly, who is another Prevatt favorite.  All Lucas did was go after Janet – and he was right!!!!!

Why does Prevatt call his blog the Liberal OC?  Shouldn’t he call it the Jannie OC?  Or better yet, given that Prevatt DOESN’T EVEN LIVE HERE, shouldn’t he call it the Jannie Long Beach?

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