Rick Scott: Health Care Enemy #1


Meet the man behind the health care chaos – Rick Scott.  Just your average multi-millionaire medicare fraudster who was responsible for  $1.7 BILLION Dollars in civil suit claims and fines.  Not content to sit on the sidelines during this health care reform bill, he has pledged to spend over $20 million dollars to defeat Obama.  Scott is a guy who totally scammed the system over a long period of time, and who now claims that he is afraid that Obama might mess up health care.  Sit down, Mr. Scott.  You are totally disingenuous!  In order to get his dirty work done in thwarting honest decisions regarding our nation’s health care, he is heading up the group, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights (CPR) which is spending tens of millions of dollars in advertising lies and fraud.   IMO, Rick Scott is the man who best embodies the spirit of the current conservative opposition.

One of Scott’s  most recent projects  has  been linked to a company which both Iran and Saudi Arabia use to enforce internet censorship.

Scott sits on the board of Secure Computing. Media Matters released a document detailing Scott’s links to the internet monitoring company, which has been used by these regimes in order to suppress internet communication. Reporters Without Borders, in 2001, produced a report which stated: “According to Secure Computing, this software makes it possible to block millions of websites in over 60 categories. It is therefore easy for the Iranian government to block websites for political reasons.  His name might not be a familiar one, but this guy is one busy boy.   More at Wikipedia

When Senators are looking for “bipartisan” solutions to health care, and need more “time” to work on a “bipartisan” compromise, what they’re really looking for is a way to kill real health care reform with the public option from happening. Private insurers and their lobbyists know this, and the proof lies in an e-mail from Rick Scott’s Conservatives for Patients Rights organization:       Link

“Keep Up the Fight – Victory is in Sight!

Thanks to a collective effort by a loose knit coalition of free market health care advocates, conservative grassroots groups, and some reasonable-minded elected officials, I am very confident, after meetings on the Hill this week, that if Congress does not pass a health care bill with the public option before Labor Day, the public option is dead. While Victory is near, we must not rest.

It’s digusting to let a liar and a thief as big as Rick Scott be in control of the health care discussions so important to this great nation.  He’s stolen from the public coffers before and has no shame as he tries to peddle influence to put health care squarely in the hands of his for-profit friends who have driven health care into the ditch when left to their own doing.

Remember kids,  follow the money……  If you can’t figure out who the biggest fool at the table is, it is most likely YOU!

CNN’s Rick Sanchez calls out Rick Scott about his theft and lies.

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