GOP mi-NO-rity party does not want health insurance reform for YOU.

You want information?  This video clip is PACKED FULL  of the current health insurance reform issues.  Here’s some of  what’s in store:

Who are the gang of Six?  Does David  Vitter really want to crash the health care system of CANADA to address the issue of health insurance reform in the United States? (Sneak answer: Yes, he does!  View the video and hear his plans during a town hall meeting).   The Party of NO has become the MiNOrity party. 

GOP Olympia Snowe gives her progress report on health care reform.   Anthony Weiner outlines what works as a single payer option.  Just how many Republicans are ready to vote for either of the current bills being discussed?  Bachmann, Perry and Demint are showcased.  Is the US becoming “just like Iran” where people will need to flee the country if health care reform takes place?  Will the loser Democrats ever grow a set?  Will our nation get something worthwhile or will we get shortchanged by lawmakers AGAIN?  

 For anyone who is trying to make sense of what all is going on, this is a “Must See”.  The foremat is fast moving, easy to follow and showcases all of the major players who are trying to help/not help shape the impending health reforms.           Please leave comments below.

“Why are we walking away from our base principles?”    Great question!

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