Chris Norby only raised $52,000 for his Clerk-Recorder campaign!

Distracted Chris Norby

Is Chris Norby too distracted by his new, fourth wife and three new stepchildren to focus on his Clerk-Recorder campaign?

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Anon blogger “Tomahawk” had this to say in a post over at Red County about Chris Norby’s fundraising for his campaign for Orange County Clerk-Recorder, ”

Using the influence of his current office, Supervisor Chris Norby raised nearly $80,000 within the first 6 months of this year and also loaned his campaign an additional $60,000, making his total contribution for this cycle: $139,000.  The Norby campaign spent roughly $14,000 and is left with a cash on hand of $125,000.  This is good, it shows a campaign that is frugal and lean.”

Let’s take a closer look at those numbers…

It may seem like Norby had a strong showing. However, after reviewing the specifics of his report I found otherwise. If you subtract the $60,000 loan from the $139,000 reported, he actually raised from donors $79,000, and out of that $27,000 was a transfer from his Supervisorial account. So in reality he actually raised in new money for the Clerk Recorder race only $52,000. Considering his supposed “front runner” status this is not impressive at all!

In addition, he is showing $125,000 cash on hand (he spent a whopping $14,000 with nearly a year before the election). Included in that number is the $60,000 loan to the campaign. Considering that Norby is not a wealthy man, we would be very surprised if that money is ever spent. So in reality he has $65,000 cash on hand.

And Norby just got married, for the fourth time, to a woman with three little kids.  My guess is that Norby is going nuts at home and most likely is NOT in campaign mode whatsoever.

I still think that former Deputy Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen will beat Norby as an underdog, the way Norby once beat Supervisor Cynthia Coad as an underdog…

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