John Campbell (R): Pandering to Morons. Again.

Chris Matthews does a Hardball interview with our local congressman/nutter John Campbell (R-48th District, CA) about the stupid law he wants to pass requiring candidates for president to produce their birth certificate.  In a mammoth non-issue, John Campbell INSISTS on pandering to the crazies who refuse to believe Barack Obama has a legitimate birth certificate.  These are the same folks who are convinced that Elvis still lives and that the Moon walk was staged in a movie studio 40 years ago.  

You just have to see this clip of John Campbell arguing the indefensible.  It’s just scary.  He comes off as a dope and you have to wonder what kinds of other dopey decisions he makes on behalf of his constituents.  We know that he chose blog bumbler, Matthew Cunningham/Jerbal, to help manage his campaign and send out hostile tweets in Campbell’s name.  We know he throws $700 million at projects that are irrelevant to his constituents except that the money goes for horsies instead of people which indicates where his priorities are NOT.  John Campbell is just a cheap, empty suit.

On his televivsion program, Chris Matthews is showing deer-in-the-headlights John Campbell a copy of Obama’s birth certificate.  Campbell admits that Obama was born a US citizen, but he keeps up the rhetoric in order to snooker the morons who remain hopeful that our standing president will somehow be removed from office for being a Kenyan national.  Can Campbell’s moron base be THAT BIG that he chooses to champion this stupid cause by pushing a stupid law?  Or is this an indicator of a loser making another losing bet on what matters to the people he was elected to represent?  What kind of Jerbalized idea is it to go on national television and show us and the rest of the country what a moron-lover looks like?

Here is a snip from Politico which has an article of the interview.  Pay attention to the empty dialogue from Campbell in response to direct questions.  The man’s a nutter:  

That wasn’t enough for Matthews, who pressed on — and accused Campbell of trying to appease “the nutcases” while holding up a copy of Obama’s birth certificate.

 But Campbell only gave another non-answer, saying, “Don`t you think anybody that who runs for president should — wouldn`t you want to know that, that they meet those requirements before they run? What`s wrong with that?”

 Determined, Matthews responded: “Do you have any doubts, Congressman, about the authentic native birth in this country of our president? Do you have any doubts?”

 Campbell: “Chris, my — it doesn`t matter whether I have doubts or not.”

 Matthews: “Do you have any doubts?”

 Campbell: “It doesn`t matter at all.”

 After Matthews accused Campbell’s bill of “feeding the wacko wing of your party,” the Californian budged — if only slightly.

Asked if he thought Obama was “a legitimate native-born American or not,” Campbell responded: “As far as I know, yes, OK?”

This really is all about racism cloaked in some kind of faux “controversy”.  He doesn’t even come off as a US Congressional Representative.

John Campbell is a ridiculous man. The 48th District deserves much better than letting John Campbell get another term to continue to mis-represent the people.  Throw the bum out.  And take with him, his little buddy Jerbal, too!

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