Chris Norby gets hitched for the 4th time

“Saying he is very much in love, Supervisor Chris Norby married a Tustin woman this afternoon in a small ceremony at the clerk recorder’s office in Fullerton. Norby and his bride, Martha Phillips, have been dating since last fall. Phillips, who friends say is in her early 30s, and her three children will move into the supervisor’s six-bedroom Fullerton home.The kids are ages 7, 9 and 10,” according to the O.C. Register’s Total Buzz blog.

I met Phillips a few weeks ago at a friend’s house, when Norby brought her and the kids.  She is a very nice lady.  She hails, if I recall correctly, from Columbia.  We spoke in Spanish and it appeared that her English is limited.  But she is as smart as a whip.

Phillips told me that she grew up on a coffee plantation and that she helped her family with the business.  She has relatives in Spain and is quite the jet setter.  Her three kids are her life and they are all fluent in several languages and cute as could be.

I don’t know how she got the name “Phillips,” but I suspect it is from a past marriage.

Now we know why Norby is so anxious to become our next Orange County Clerk-Recorder.  He now has an entire household to take care of.  Now more than ever we need to find this man a real job so he can run for the Fullerton City Council instead!

I thought it was funny that the Register article mentioned some of Norby’s past, um, situations:

This is the fourth marriage for the 4th District county supervisor, who just last year came under fire for claiming $340 for a week-long stay at a hotel during the summer of 2007, when his previous marriage was on the rocks. The same week he spent at that hotel in August, he was also found sleeping under a bush at the Old Courthouse in Santa Ana.

We broke the story about the sleeping incident and got slammed by Jerbal and his boys.  Now even the Register has corroborated the story.

Norby also fell asleep at the function we both attended.  Let’s face it, he is no spring chicken.  You gotta take those power naps when you can!

So will Norby’s fourth marriage be the one that lasts?  Hard to say.  Phillips is very sweet and quite pretty and Norby sure seemed taken by her.  The only advice I can give him, after 22 years of marriage to my Latina wife Camille, is to apologize often and to never raise his voice with his new bride.

We have to hope that Norby won’t adopt Phillip’s real last name and attach it to his, like red-faced former legislator Ken Maddox did when he married a Latina recently.  That would just be too weird!

Norby can now say he has experience in the Clerk-Recorder’s office as he now has collected at least four marriage certificates from them.

Lastly h/t to Norby’s chief of staff Phil Tsunoda, who actually babysat for Norby and Phillips when they took a one night honeymoon in Laguna Beach.  Way to take one for the team Phil!

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