President Obama should tell the Neocons to take a hike regarding Iran

Picture Courtesy of the Times Online

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“With Iran on a razor’s edge after a week of swelling protests, the Obama administration has fended off pressure from both parties to respond more forcefully to the disputed election there. But if Iranian authorities carry out their latest threat of a more sweeping crackdown, the White House would reconsider its carefully calibrated tone, officials said Friday,” according to the New York Times.

How ridiculous.  Will the Neocons never tire of dragging us into needless wars?  If Obama speaks out too negatively against Iran, two things will happen.  The protestors in Iran will be labeled tools of the Americans.  And The Iranian government may well crack down Tianenmen style.  Why would we want either of those outcomes?

Americans need to understand that the people of Iran will never abandon their religious government.  Republicans are on drugs if they think that Iranians will dump their Mullahs.  It simply won’t happen.  The best we can hope for is that the people will rise up, on their own, and get a new election.

We cannot afford any more wars.  This time we need to let the people of Iran fight their own battle.  If we interfere we assure that the protestors will be killed. 

Look at the mess we made of Iraq.  There was no reason to topple Saddam Hussein.  He was the only thing keeping the Iranians in check.  Invading Iraq was stupid.  Let’s not repeat the mistake in Iran.  If the people of Iran want change they will get it.  The entire world is watching. 

It is time to refute the Neocons once and for all!

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