For Wednesday: Obama wants YOUR Health Care Questions

There is an online town hall scheduled for this Wednesday.  In an interesting twist, President Obama is requesting brief video questions be submitted asking any health care questions you want.  He will select the most popular ones and answer those questions.  You can post your responses to Youtube for other viewers to see.  So far there are questions of all kinds – from why are you trying to socialize medicine in the US, to questions having to do with how much it will all cost.  Would you like to join the first national online discussion of how to address health care for this nation’s citizens?  Have something to say about it?    Go to this LINK and find out how to be a part of the conversation.  So far there are only 24 video questions  now nearly 200 video question submissions.  Hurry, and be one among the first two hundred five hundred submissions! (the amount of submissions went up drastically while I was completing this post for you all!)

Click the above and Listen to this short video from the president on why it is so important that everyone have a voice in this important issue.  Political hacks from both parties want to dominate the discussions so that they can personally continue to benefit from a broken down, inefficient and too-costly system run by insurance lobbyists.  Don’t let the Democrats limit the options offered!  Don’t let the Republicans continue to “just say no!” to everything!   Speak up!

“Ultimately, your engagement on this issue is just as important as that of our lawmakers. I’ve always believed that real change doesn’t come from Washington, it comes from the American people — and we won’t be able to achieve reform without you. So America, tell me what you want to know about health care reform and I’ll do my best to answer your questions. I look forward to hearing from you.”   – – President Barack Obama, June 28, 2009

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